5 Reasons You Should Write Your Own Vows

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and celebrations are becoming brighter and more unique. Modern couples believe that the traditional promises are insufficient to express the full range of their emotions to each other. As a result, most are writing their own vows, carefully prepared before the ceremony. Why do they do that?

The wedding is an exciting day for the newlyweds. It takes months for them to prepare an ideal celebration for their guests. Careful attention is given to the smallest details, from invitation cards to wedding vows.

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Writing each word takes a long time as it should reflect your deepest feelings for your beloved. If you are unable to gather your thoughts due to excessive worrying, you can seek assistance from a custom writing company, which will help you find a writing specialist.

Why You Should Write Your Own Vows?

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Many people regard traditional vows as significant because their forefathers uttered these words and lived happily for many years. Others prefer to make their unique promises, putting their heart and soul into each word. What is the worth of non-traditional vows?

1. It Is Unique

While traditional vows are heard at each ceremony, writing your promise will make your soulmate feel even more valuable, as you have devoted time and attention to preparing ahead of time and expressing your feelings in the best possible form.

2. It Is So Romantic

Many people are not inclined to show their feelings in public, no matter how strong their feelings are. The wedding day turns their lives upside down while also allowing them to see things and their partner from a different perspective.

Hearing a loved one’s public declaration of love, in all sincerity of feelings and intentions, is a romantic experience. Furthermore, it is undeniable proof that a person is willing to go to any length for you, even if he temporarily transforms from a strong and courageous man into a timid romantic boy, writing love notes to his girl.

3. It Is personal

A handwritten vow is your confession, not someone else’s well-learned words written in a greeting card pattern. These are the words that you want to say from the bottom of your heart.

A wedding vow is a thread that connects two hearts that have met through the law of attraction. After all, there are no two people who are exactly alike, so there are no templates that fully reflect the emotions that overwhelm you.

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4. It Is Fun

How often do you do things that are not typical for you in everyday life? Never? The wedding day is the most successful day for having fun not only for your soulmate but also for your guests.

Vows can be not only serious and romantic but humorous as well. For example: I promise to love you, honour you, but not obey because that’s a little creepy.” orI promise that you will be as important to me as coffee, as chocolate, and as all the episodes of Grey’s put together.”


5. Custom Vows Will Serve As A Reminder Throughout Your Marriage

Throughout your marriage, you will celebrate many holidays. The wedding day, on the other hand, will be a special occasion for remembering funny moments and reminding each other of the given promises.

Furthermore, consider how interesting it will be for your children, and then your grandchildren, to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your celebration and travel back in time to a time when they were not yet born. Who knows, perhaps your vows will inspire them to follow in your footsteps!

How Do You Write Your Own Vows?

Do not put off writing your vows until the last few days before the wedding; these words should not be rushed, “for a tick,” and you will have very little time on the eve of the celebration. Although writing a wedding vow does not take long, you should not rush anywhere to better concentrate on the idea.

Here are five simple steps you can take to create your ideal wedding vow:

Step 1. Preparing for the Important Moment

The most important thing in the writing process is probably not to look at other people’s template options but to try to write something unique, something from the heart. Can you imagine your lover standing next to you and telling him what you want to say by looking him in the eyes?

Remember all of your relationship’s brightest and most important moments; this may provide the right mood and inspiration. If you are not used to speaking complex sentences with many epithets and turns in real life, then use short sentences to make the text comfortable for yourself.

Step 2. Content

How do I begin to compose a vow? Switch on a romantic song, for example, Secret Garden’s “Song from a Secret Garden” or your favourite music. It may inspire touching words and help you.

Whatever form it takes – a quatrain, or simply a set of words, the most important thing is that it will come from the heart.

Step 3. Structure

There is no single rule for writing a wedding vow. For proper structuring, use the following formula:

  • Recognition that a person is important to you and that you want to share your life with them;
  • The embodiment of your emotions, for example, “You make me feel better”;
  • A promise about what you are willing to give to your beloved (from touching promises to be together “in grief and joy” to funny and nice promises to “indulge each other in favourite treats”).

Step 4. Design

Throughout the day, the newlyweds are kept under the watchful eye of the guests. And, to keep the words of the oath from being forgotten amid the fright and excitement of the ceremony, one suggests they write their vows on beautiful cards that the wedding registrar hands to the newlyweds to look at them when needed.

Step 5. Secret message

If the couple prefers more romance and classics, it is recommended to write vows secretly from each other so that the newlyweds hear them for the first time at the ceremony. Feel free to add some quotes from the movie or songs that are meaningful to your partner.

Enjoy the significance of your relationship as you write about what your fiancé means to you and what marriage promises you want to make. May the words you write catalyse your wedding planning.

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