5 Reasons Why You Need to Get A Wedding Car for Your Big Day

After you’ve finally given your big “Yes!” to a proposal, it’s now time to give your big “I do.” As exciting as this may be, you also have to prepare for it to be filled with a lot of emotions, stress, and even a few anxious moments. There’s a lot to prepare before your wedding day, to make it the best day of your life.

Of the many details you need to plan, one of the most important is your wedding car.

After all, this is what will chauffeur you on the big day. Additionally, many people like their wedding car to be a part of their wedding photos.

If you’re still deciding if it’s a good idea to hire a wedding car, below are some of the great reasons to show you it’s a fantastic idea.

1. You Have a Choice of Luxury and One-Of-A-Kind Cars

Generally, most companies offering wedding cars have different options to choose from. You can choose wedding cars Sydney if you live in the city and find some great vehicles depending on your budget, preference, and even your sense of style. Some cars can also go with the overall theme or feel of your wedding day, such as vintage cars.

Source: weddingcarsforhireinsydney.com.au

Being chauffeured through town in a vintage Bentley is something to remember for the rest of your life. Perhaps you could be the contemporary bride that wishes to be driven in a Cadillac? Your possibilities are endless depending on your location in the world.

2. You Can Begin Your Big Day In Style!

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If your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, you’ll want to make every detail perfect. Arriving in style can do just that. A luxury wedding car has the ability to showcase both the bride and the groom upon arrival and exit of their wedding and reception. Some great things to consider when choosing a car that’s stylish include:

      • The colour of the vehicle to match your wedding.
      • The shape of the vehicle to help give a luxury feel
      • Whether you have the ability to dress it up with ribbons etc.

As this is generally going to happen only once in your life.  It’s always worth choosing something a little bit more stylish, rather than skimping on this decision.

Image Source: http://weddingcarsofsydney.com.au/

3. Be Relaxed and Comfortable

Brides and grooms are naturally going to go through pre-wedding jitters, even if they’re confident about whom they’re marrying. You can strive to have a stress-free day, but when the anxiety kicks in, you’re going to need a moment to breathe.

Will I slip during my walk down the aisle?

Are all guests present and comfortable?

All these thoughts, and so many more, are going to occupy your mind.

Amidst the chaos of it all, from the preparation and even up to the time your guests leave the venue, you’ll appreciate those times of silence and peace. These, you can have in a wedding car.

Not only that, but most wedding cars offer luxury seats, spacious interiors and can provide comfort. When hiring a vehicle don’t be afraid to see if you can sit in one to get a feel for it (if the company allows it). This will help to make your final decision the right one.

4. Feel Extra Special

Your wedding day will make you look great and feel special, however arriving in a wedding car can give you that extra something special. Wedding cars are designed to be luxurious, noticed, and signal beauty. Depending on the vehicle you choose, you may also have special features you can enjoy such as:

      • Champagne at the ready to help calm your nerves.
      • Wedding balloons inside or attached to the exterior of the car.
      • Your favourite music being played while on your way to the location.

This combination allows you to feel extra special and can add that little extra touch to your big day.

5. More Opportunities for Great Photos

Apart from the wedding car being included in photos, there are also many photos you can take while you’re sitting inside it.

www.kombiweddings.com. Photo by James Billing Photograph

If you opt for a limousine, you could photograph your bridesmaids or groomsmen sharing drinks and laughter inside. Other things you can do include:

      • The groom kneeling down beside the open door holding the bride’s hand as she sits.
      • Both bride and groom sitting in the vehicle together.
      • A fun photo of the couple kissing each other
      • The couple waving goodbye.

The opportunities are endless.



If you’ve long been dreaming about your wedding day, and the extravagant ways you could arrive at your venue, this can become a reality. When you focus on all the finer details of your big day, don’t forget to consider the wedding car you’re going to use. Planning this early is essential to ensure the car supplier has the vehicle you desire.