5 Pros and Cons When Planning a Beach Wedding

A wedding on the beach is the dream of most newlyweds with its stunning photos, the sound of the waves, airy dresses, and a 100% romantic atmosphere. This perfect picture is a dream for many who start planning a wedding. Fortunately today, there are few barriers to organizing a wedding ceremony on the beach.

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However, this wedding style, in addition to its many advantages, has some drawbacks that many people may not even think about. If you are planning a wedding on the beach, get started with discovering all the pros and cons so that you can make a fully-informed choice whether such a wedding is what you need.

Top Pros on Planning a Beach Wedding

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What are the main advantages of organizing a wedding on the beach? It would seem that everything is obvious since this is the perfect picture of the celebration. But apart from that, there are a few other benefits that you need to be aware of.

Relaxed Atmosphere

If you want a relaxed holiday atmosphere, then the ceremony on the beach is what you need. The beach atmosphere will be relaxed and less formal. Guests can dress in more comfortable clothing. Women can abandon high heels and men, hot suits. Therefore, this style is really a good opportunity to create a relaxing wedding.

Beautiful Pictures

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The beach in the background of wedding photos looks incredible. Photos and videos are especially beautiful in such locations. But the most interesting thing is the budget. You don’t need to pay extra for equipment and scenery to create amazing photos. Sand and azure water will do everything themselves. By the way, photos in the evening are something unbelievable, like in fairy tales.

Unlimited Space for Wedding

The organization of a beach wedding also promises the absence of territorial barriers. This opens up the possibility for the implementation of various ideas and zoning opportunities. You can create recreation, photo, dancing areas, and so on. It is possible to create a zone for a wedding arch right next to the water. And of course, a wedding on the beach allows you to invite many guests due to the unlimited space.

Summer Menu

Another advantage of this wedding format is the summer menu. In the cooler months, nutritious meals are usually served, while light salads, fish, vegetables, and fruits are suitable for a beach wedding. This is the basis of treats in a beach wedding format. Sometimes this can be a budget-friendly option rather than celebrating a wedding in a restaurant.

Good Personalization Opportunity

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A beach wedding promises one of the best opportunities to personalize your wedding. Despite the fact that today this wedding option is popular, there is still a lot of room for personalization. Therefore, a wedding on the beach is a chance to stand out among others and the probability that you will have a unique wedding is 100%. All you have to do is choose the appropriate decorations.

Top Cons Organizing Beach Weddings

Despite all the flair and advantages of a wedding on the beach, there are significant drawbacks that you need to be aware of. These shortcomings can be minimized if you carefully consider all the risks and ways to avoid them.

The Dependency on the Weather

The biggest downside to planning a beach wedding is being dependent on the weather. This is probably the biggest drawback. In order to minimize the risk, viewing weather forecasts is not enough. It is worth discovering the features of the season, considering alternative options.

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For example, consider renting tents that will be appropriate not only during the rain but also in the sultry heat. You can also think about holding a ceremony on the restaurant’s beach. In case of bad weather, you will have the opportunity not to spoil your celebration.

If your budget allows, then you can consider a warmer country during it’s favourable season. Don’t forget the importance of seniors travel insurance, in this case, to make your parents and grandparents feel calmer during their stay in a beach country.

Unavailable Place For Some Guests

It is important to understand that despite all the benefits of a wedding on the beach, some guests can feel uncomfortable. For example, it can be very difficult for older people to move around in the sand. Therefore, it is worth first compiling a guest list and assessing how many guests may be uncomfortable with this format.

The Presence of Strangers

If you choose a public beach as a location for a wedding, and not the territory of a restaurant, then it is important to understand that outside spectators may appear. On the beaches, there can always be strangers who can become spectators of your celebration. Therefore, if 100% privacy is important to you, then you should consider private beach locations where you can stay exclusively with your guests without strangers.

A Daytime Ceremony Can Be a Challenge

Often, couples decide to organize a ceremony in the first part of the day. However, during the summer and hot weather, it is better to postpone the celebration to the evening because waiting in the hot sun can turn a wedding into a challenge, not a celebration. Therefore, it is worth considering both the weather conditions and the characteristics of your guests to find the optimal time for the ceremony.

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The Need for Additional Services

If you decide to create a ceremony on a public beach, then you should think about solving a huge number of issues. This is the organization of space for catering, as in windy weather, sand can get into food. It is also worth resolving the issue with the toilet facilities. That’s why the choice of a beach that is the property of a restaurant or a hotel is a more optimal solution in order to organize comfort for everyone.

Wrapping Up

Should you organize a beach wedding? If you are ready to spend a little of your time planning, then definitely yes! Despite the presence of significant drawbacks of this wedding style, you will get an opportunity to make your wedding unforgettable not only for you but for all guests.

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