5 Pet-Friendly Destinations For Your Honeymoon In Australia

Congratulations on your wedding! You must be planning on getting back to your lives now? Before getting back to normal, most couples want to spend quality time with their loved one.

What is an option for couples who own dogs? Are there any options for couples who love to travel with their dogs? Or for those who can’t leave their pets behind? Absolutely yes!

Australia is evolving and introducing newer options for honeymooners to travel with their furry families. So your dogs can enjoy as much as you would want them to.

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Here are the 5 best places in Australia that we think should be your honeymoon spot if you are searching for pet-friendly destinations.

The Langham, Sydney

One of the most popular luxury hotels worldwide, The Langham, has come up with more opportunities for families travelling with dogs. So you can now benefit from a superb lifestyle and romantic moments without having to worry about your puppy, who will be there with you.

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Now you get to spend your honeymoon in style and luxury with your spouse and your furry friend. The hotel provides space and activities for dogs for them to enjoy while you live the best time of your life, too. In addition, the hotel offers pet-sitting areas along with dog-walking facilities. This way, your dog can get the most of the trip, as well.

Langham Hotel is the only hotel in Sydney to provide accommodation for pet dogs. However, couples should keep in mind that their policy includes accommodating dogs under 20 kgs only.

So if you own a Pomeranian or a Shih Tzu you are good to go. And don’t forget to take quality dog food with low sodium for your small breed dogs on your vacay.

The Wattle Lodge – The Hunter Valley

Would you like to have a space with a breathtaking view just for yourself? And what is better than a place that offers a place for your dog? Such is The Wattle Lodge 100-acre land just for you to relax and have your peace of mind.

The lodge is a massive stretch of land offering incredible green views, several tours, beautiful, starry nights, and an excellent connection with nature. This countryside property lies in the centre of The Hunter Valley. It gives a warm welcome to all kinds of well-mannered dogs who are fully vaccinated.

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You and your dog, be it a Mastiff or Shiba Inu, will never go short on space because the lodge provides rooms for up to 4 guests with huge dining areas and a spacious lounge. Everything about this lodge is heartwarming, cozy, and comfortable. It is just the place you should consider for your honeymoon getaway to enjoy life amid nature with nothing but peace everywhere.

Bells By The Beach – Bellarine Peninsula

Who does not love the beach? Surely your dog would never resist going on a beach. So, how about a honeymoon spot for couples that offers a tremendous crashing spot with a beach just 500 meters away from it? That too with a good accommodation area for dogs.

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Bells By The Beach is located in the Bellarine Peninsula with a lovely beach next to it. The hotel is everything you would want to spend quality time in during your honeymoon. In addition, it opens its doors for every dog who is vaccinated and loves to play by the beach.

A honeymoon next to the beach is the perfect place to enjoy each other’s company with your furry friend right next to you.

Yondah Beach House

Australia is full of beautiful beach options, and yet another one on our list is the Yondah Beach House. But it is different this time. With Yondah Beach House, you can enjoy an appealing view of the beach and the wildlife that South Australia offers.

The best feature of Yondah Beach House has to be the seclusion it provides. It means you have a huge piece of land and nature just to yourself. So you are free to spend your sunny days and breezy nights by the sandy beach and wide stretches of wild and beautiful plants.

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This beach is perfect for your dogs. The facilities it provides come with seasonal adaptations so your dog can enjoy both summers and winters at this beach house.

If you are looking for a brilliant and secluded spot, Yondah Beach houses should be one of your top choices for your upcoming honeymoon with your dog.

Petra Olive Oil Farmstay

Last but not least, the final honeymoon spot on our list is Petra Olive Oil Farmstay. This place is a complete package for people who love to live close to nature.

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There is a farm full of olive trees and various olive items, including freshly picked olives and olive oils of all kinds. You can take a tour around the farm with your loved ones, and your dog is just as welcome to go about the farm amongst the trees.

The warm, little chalets next to the farm with a touch of sun and refreshing winds are the most comfortable getaway of all. This Western Australian piece of land is the epitome of beautiful natural landscapes.

Final Word

The whole point of going out with your spouse and your furry children is to allow everyone to live the time of their lives. The honeymoon spot should be perfect for everyone who is travelling with their dogs. These days, it is becoming increasingly common for travellers and honeymooners to take their pooch with them on vacation.

Hence, more guesthouses and hotels are improvising on the facilities they provide and the options for accommodating a dog.

Dogs are family to us, and we love to have them with us during our trips so we can enjoy ourselves as a family.  Australia has some of the most perfect places for a honeymoon getaway.

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