5 Most Inspirational Wedding Ideas Of 2020

Weddings are lifetime events that bring us joy and cheer. They attract people from all over the country or even the world. Everyone comes to see the union between two lovebirds and make merry, of course. It is equally a great time to reconnect with friends and family who have been distant due to unavoidable circumstances. With all this in mind, a wedding has to be a remarkable sight. It has to be the ultimate event of the year that will leave everyone talking. You need to take care of the venue, clothes, food, music, your guests, and decorations, etc.

A successful wedding does not have to be extravagant. Something classy and straightforward can still make all the guests excited and talking all year. A current trend sees people using homes for weddings, as not everybody will easily afford 5-star venues. However, the type of home people use is not an ordinary one, as it may be either a large home or a home with a widespread yard. Most people opt to hire such grounds or liaise with friends owning such houses. This cuts down on the wedding budget by a significant margin. Aside from this great idea, there are several others, which we will cover in the text.


Meanwhile, here are five of the most inspirational wedding ideas of 2020:

1.     A Cocktail Bar at the Reception

The evening reception for any wedding is a time to wine and dine, and have fun. Your guests need to be comfortable and enjoy the event. What better way to grant them their wishes than having a cocktail bar, and food, of course. One of my fellow colleagues from NSBroker informed us after his wedding: “Create a bar where your guests can comfortably head to and make their custom cocktails based on their tastes and preferences. This will help your guests to mingle and know each other in due process”. Not a bad idea, don’t you think?

Most weddings lack this provision and having it will make yours stand out from the rest. The best part is that it will not cost you a lot. You can request the catering company to add it to their service for the day. That will only add a few dollars on top of what you had initially agreed.

2.     Create a Social Media Hashtag

Technology is taking the world by a storm. With billions of users around the globe, you will not miss a good percentage of your guests owning social media handles. How about creating a board with a hashtag and placing it at the entrance, or any other strategic area. You can use your name and that of your partner for the hashtag and encourage your guests to share their pleasant photos and thoughts through the hashtag.

Whether it is Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, this will get guests excited about the event. You can even go further to send the hashtag as early as the invitation letter. If you are short of ideas, you can use a wedding hashtag generator to come up with creative ideas. This is an impressive way of capturing all the memorable happenings at your wedding without spending on any budget.

The world has become obsessed with social media, and this type of creativity will get your guests talking for a long time. Remember, the internet never forgets. These are memories that stick for a lifetime.

3.     Have Disposable Cameras for Your Guests

Well, not everyone is a professional cameraperson, but everyone sure can take a couple of shots. You can get a disposable camera and place it on top of each table. If you cannot get one for every table, then you can put them strategically around the place.

Source: https://www.theknot.com

This will also cut down on your photography budget, as your guests will help you get it done effectively. Furthermore, you do not see disposable cameras every day at a wedding – uniqueness, and creativity.

4.     Incorporating a Vintage Touch in your Décor

It seems like the world is taking us back to the good old days. What better way to acknowledge this than through a vintage theme at your wedding? While many people are concentrating on current fashion and new trends, you can opt to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Couples today need to embrace the conventional look.

You can even opt to be more creative with the use of a modern touch on vintage looks. Blend the old and the new to come up with an amazing and eye-catching experience for your guests.

Source: Pinterest

You can also mix and match popularized patterns from the past and the current trends. You can use this in the wedding attire or the venue décor, or even both.

5.     Have a Marquee for the Wedding Reception

You can hire one of these locally and make your wedding reception unique. This makes your reception not only magical but also festival-inspired. Get a tipi and light it up well to inspire your guests. You can even combine this with a live band performance to entertain your guests.



In summary, these are five of the best wedding ideas of 2020. So, if you are planning a wedding, feel free to use any of the above creative tips to make it beautiful and unique. Remember, you do not have to blow your finances to have an impressive wedding.