5 Glamorous Wedding Ideas for Your Luxurious Big Day

With the wedding being one of the most special times in your life, it is only natural that you want everything to look and feel perfectly splendid on that big day. Every element needs to be carefully prepared so that everyone can cherish these special moments with you. However, once the pressure of putting together a picture-perfect wedding gets to you, the abundance of choices and possibilities might feel quite overwhelming.

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Luckily, this article is here to help you. Below, you will find some of the best and most glamorous ideas that you can steal for your wedding and make the planning process a little easier for yourself. They range from hiring a live wedding painter to choosing a truly luxurious bouquet, opting for an elegant venue, and going with the right combination of colours for a cohesive look.

On top of that, if you take the time to research ideas that really speak to you, budgeting will be much easier, and even if you have already googled phrases such as “personal loan for wedding” or “quick loans”, you will spend the money more wisely. There’s no reason to shy away from all the glitz and glamour, so read more about the details that will bring major extravagance to your event.

Choose the Right Venue

When choosing the venue with glamour in mind, it is essential that you opt for an elegant and upscale location that will leave your guests in awe. Luxurious weddings call for a truly fairytale setting, which may be hard to achieve in a boho-chic barn, or a regular backyard.

A perfect example of an effortlessly elegant place is a lavish banquet hall located in an upscale hotel such as Park Hyatt in Sydney or an historic site like Gunners Barracks, an exclusive heritage setting with tremendous Sydney Harbour views. When choosing an indoor venue, look for traits such as high ceilings, gilded elements, and interesting architectural details to highlight your aesthetic of choice.

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Pay special attention to the floors and avoid carpeting, as it often cheapens the whole venue and doesn’t look good in the photos. Remember that you can easily change small things such as the colour scheme or the seating arrangement, but changing the floor to something temporary might not always be possible.

Of course, there are also many options out there for outdoors lovers. For instance, you can have a rustic yet still luxurious wedding in the Darlington Estate Winery or celebrate your special day among the picturesque views of mountains and ocean by organising your wedding in Arajilla Retreat on Lord Howe Island. If you wish to impress your guests with something breathtaking, you need to look for venues that cultivate an air of exclusivity.

Hire a Live Wedding Painter

Nothing says luxury like an element of surprise in the form of an exceptionally talented person whose task is to capture the most special moment of your wedding on canvas. A professional live painter brings their own art supplies to paint a scene in real-time at the wedding – most couples choose to have their first kiss painted, but you can also choose the first dance, the vows, or a scene from the reception, depending on your preferences.

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The whole process takes around 4-5 hours. Usually, the artist comes before the start of the wedding and paints the background before the guest’s arrival, so they can add the most important details as they happen. Once the painting is done, the newly married couple receives a reflection of the entire wedding atmosphere. The painting will be completed by the end of the night.

Some live wedding painters also offer to sketch the individual wedding guests or the couples on small pieces of high-quality paper, which can be your one-of-a-kind wedding favours. The costs of hiring a painter will vary depending on the market where you live, the artists’ experience, and travel costs.

Consider a Lush Bouquet

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Your bouquet is one of the most important details of any glamorous wedding. Consider going full Princess Diana style with cascading flowers that will look beautiful in the photos and leave everyone in awe. Have your florist arrange the flowers, so they spill out of your hands and create a natural, trailing effect. Lilies and roses will work best for this kind of bouquet, but you can also use stephanotis, orchids, and gardenias, or make it look fuller with lush trailing greenery.

Another idea is to have a bouquet that’s made of unusual flowers. Of course, this will likely mean a higher price, but when your aesthetic is glitz and glamour, it’s definitely worth it. Therefore, if you want a truly unique bouquet, consider using some eucalyptus, sturdy succulents, or ferns for greenery and add delicate yet stunning blooms like peonies, clematis, or honeysuckle. You can also use viburnum berries for an interesting pop of colour.

Go for Elegant Colours

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Today, many couples lean towards minimalist wedding themes and choose to go with all-white décor. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this kind of simplicity, it might end up looking quite underwhelming or even boring in the photos. But what are the exquisite and stunning colour combinations that, when done right, won’t end up looking cheap or too busy?

If you fancy the beautiful shine of gold accessories, you can easily make it a part of your wedding. However, to avoid overwhelming your venue with an abundance of a single colour, you can combine it with pink. Interesting shades that will work well with gold include stunning dusty rose or fresh baby pink. Add it as a subtle pop of colour through your plates and florals and incorporate it into wedding invitations for a show-stopping effect.

Gold and white is another popular idea, but to make it more special, you can decide to steer away from the traditional bright and overly perfect white and choose something less immaculate-looking. Shades such as eggshell, porcelain, or pearl are bound to go well with gold. You can make them more interesting by looking for tablecloths with sparkly embroidery or incorporating light and glittery fabrics into your décor.

Hire a String Quartet

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Wedding music is the soundtrack of your ceremony. It allows you to set a romantic atmosphere and allows guests to feel that they’re a true part of the celebration of your union. The wrong choice of music can ruin the whole experience, and some people might even choose to leave early if you fail to nail this crucial detail.

Fortunately, there’s one incredibly easy way to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere that will put a classical twist on your favourite songs – you can hire a string quartet.

Hiring a string quartet for your wedding can be especially beneficial if you and your guest aren’t that big on dancing – after all, not everyone likes to be the centre of attention or doesn’t have too many moves to show off on the dance floor. Four musicians with the classic instruments will provide your party with the perfect background ambience for chatting with friends and family.

However, if you’re still worried that some guests might prefer more energetic music and would love to dance to the greatest hits, you can hire both a string quartet and a DJ who can switch places with the quarter as the night progresses. It all depends on what your budget allows.

Final Thoughts

These days, minimalist wedding themes seem to be a rage, but if you don’t want to fall into that plain and often quite a dull mindset, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t throw a larger-than-life luxurious wedding party. To do so, you certainly need to fill your special day with your favourite glamorous idea.

Thus, if “glitz and glam” sounds like the perfect wedding aesthetic for your taste, consider these five tips. Remember about the importance of choosing the right venue, hire a wedding painter, get a lush bouquet made with unique flowers, opt for elegant colours, and have a string quartet help you create the ambient and intimate atmosphere. Gilded glamour is the way to go, so embrace it and enjoy your bid day!