5 Free Wedding Books: A book a day makes your wedding day

A wedding is truly a magical moment for both the bride and groom. But let us just be honest here. Most of the work, in most cases, is done by the bride. From picking the date to finally setting off to the honeymoon, planning a wedding is exhilarating. But the package also comes with a load of stress and demands some serious organizational skills.

That is why, every bride needs her own wedding book, to get inspired and to inspire others too. If there are still those among you who like to go old school and stare at those glossy pages of catalogues, here are five free wedding books to start your journey.

1. Bridal Fantasy Wedding Survival Guide and Wedding Planner 

Source: www.bridalfantasy.com

Bridal Fantasy has been performing the duties of a bridesmaid perfectly for a few years now. They also release a wedding planner every year, filled with exciting ideas that could turn every bride’s fantasy into a reality. The Bridal Fantasy Wedding Book lives up to its title, it is a survival guide necessary for all brides to stay focused and organized.

All you have to do is to subscribe on their page to get access to their all-inclusive wedding book. The 2019 edition covers a variety of topics of anything related to a wedding one can ever think of.

2. Oriental Trading Wedding Catalog

Source: www.orientaltrading.com

Oriental Trading delivers wedding supplies that can make a dream setting come true for the brides. While you look through images and wonder about how to actually put it together, with the catalogue of Oriental Wedding, it is now easier to pick ideas for wedding decor by referring to actual products.

The catalogue is truly inspiring when you can actually imagine products available to make the setting for the wedding just perfect.

3. Own Your Wedding Planning Guide

Source: www.boho-weddings.com

After a very demanding 7 months of planning their own wedding, Hannah and Dean decided to lend a helping hand to other couples who are going through the same. Their wedding book comes packed with information, inspiration and other resources to make wedding planning more interesting. The Own Your Wedding guide also offers insights on budget planning timescales and practical information on how to make your dream wedding actually happen.

To take it one step ahead, this wedding book also comes with spreadsheets for all kinds of lists you would require for the day. From the guest lists, to-do lists, shopping lists, timetable and much more, it could easily be the holy book for your wedding.

4. The American Wedding Free Invitation Catalogue 

Source: www.theamericanwedding.com

The invitation is the first personal token guests will receive from the couple. It speaks of the style, the personal taste, and the style of the wedding.

Wedding invitations have come a long way this decade. Now they are more playful, colourful and personalized. The American Wedding Catalog has free features with many styles of invitations for all wedding-related events.

5. Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Books

Source: www.success.perfectweddingguide.com

Perfect Wedding Guide concludes that it might be a little difficult to encompass all the aspects of a wedding into one single book. They have categorized the different elements different couples would want for a wedding and created an assortment of free wedding books suitable for each request and occasion. From planning destination weddings to picking out the right cake, Perfect Wedding has an exclusive wedding book.

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Even with the help of a wedding planner, you would need to organize the ideas and thoughts yourself to make sure that things are just the way you want it. These wedding books will be very helpful to find concepts and get things in order at the same time.

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