5 Drinks Perfect For an At-Home Wedding

Figuring out your signature wedding cocktail recipes is always fun. There are plenty of recipes to choose from, but you don’t have to hire a bartender to make complicated drinks when you’re getting married at home. Check out these five drinks perfect for an at-home wedding that are super simple and bound to please your guests.

1. Pretty-in-Pink Mimosa

Brides typically begin getting ready for their wedding in the morning. You’ll meet your bridal party at home or your designated spot in town to get ready. Hair and makeup can take hours, so prepare a pink mimosa recipe to break the ice and get the conversations flowing.

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Mix champagne and blood orange juice with a bit of orange liqueur for extra flavour. You could also swap champagne with rosé and line the rim of each glass with pink sanding sugar so they pop in your pictures. The best part about this recipe is that you don’t need to measure anything, so you won’t have to return to the kitchen for every glass.

2. Green Tea Cocktail

Sometimes people feel sluggish or bloated after enjoying a drink or two. No one wants to feel like that while walking down the aisle, so opt for a green tea cocktail while getting ready. Mix your favourite brewed green tea with vodka and sweetener a few days before your wedding. It will last a few days in the fridge and provide all-natural and health-boosting antioxidants so you feel your best when it’s time to say your vows.

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3. Irish Iced Coffee

Irish iced coffees are perfect for an at-home wedding because everyone needs a little pick-me-up after an emotional ceremony and soul-food reception meal. Add a shot of Jameson with your preferred brewed coffee and any extra flavour syrups or toppings. Keep in mind that freshly roasted beans peak between three to seven days, so you’ll want to prep your grounds a day or two before to get the most flavour out of them.

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4. Honeysuckle Strawberry Sparkler

At-home weddings often feature an outdoor ceremony or reception so everyone has room to spread out. Your guests will love cooling off with honeysuckle strawberry sparklers. Stock up on strawberries, honeysuckle vodka and ice before blending it all together and serving before it melts. Add whatever sweetener syrup you prefer for a summery drink that will have everyone back out on the dance floor in no time.

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5. Boozy Berry Basil Lemonade

Berry lemonade is another crowd-pleasing drink you can make ahead of time. Add berry-flavoured vodka to a pitcher of lemonade and serve with basil sugar syrup for a colourful and eye-catching cocktail. You can also make a separate pitcher without the vodka so guests who don’t drink alcohol can feel included in your special recipe.

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Make the Perfect At-Home Wedding Drinks

These five drinks are perfect for an at-home wedding because they don’t require a mixology education and are easy to prepare a few days before everyone arrives. Test a few recipes out with your fiance during your next free afternoon to see which flavours you’d love during your big day.

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