5 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas Worth Knowing

A wedding is one of the most expensive celebrations you can host. Paying for the venue, the food, the band, the photographer, the wedding planner and the decorations often costs tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t have that much money to spend on a half-day party, turn to DIY solutions. Centrepieces, photo backdrops, placemats and many other décor items can be made at home and appear as store-bought decorations.

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Flower Arrangements in Jars

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Do you want flowers to embellish every table at the venue? Count the tables, and buy that many mason jars. Add a few extras in case you noticed a damaged one or some of them break in the process of making DIY décor. Pick fresh flowers from your garden, buy a fabric to match your colour theme and add some lace too. Wrap the fabric around the jar, place lace on top, and make everything stick together with a ribbon. Incorporate fairy lights in the mix, and put them together with flowers in the jar. Artificial flowers will work just as beautifully as fresh ones. Consider making paper flowers if you have time and enough money in the budget to pay for everything. Insert a table number in the jar, and you’ve got a whimsical and affordable centrepiece.

Make a Welcome Sign

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Another decorative piece to make on your own is a welcome sign. All you need is an easel and a large paper board to fit on it. Use online graphic design makers, such as Canva to design the welcome sign. Print out the sign and place it on the easel. Depending on the colour scheme of the wedding, choose appropriate flowers, ribbons or any other decorative item to put over the easel and make it more festive. It will look equally beautiful in front of the venue or your backyard if you opt for an at-home reception.

Paper Placemats

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Setting beautiful tables is also crucial for having the entire wedding look cohesive and stylish. Offer your guests the most beautiful experience by taking care of every detail, including placemats. You can quickly create bespoke placemats with A2 size paper, some watercolours, or collage paper and glitter. Depending on your wedding theme and colour palette, choose appropriate colours to paint the paper. Think about cutting the paper in heart shapes, or just cut them in half to add thickness to the mat.

A Variety of Candles

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Candles create an enjoyable ambience and will add a touch of sophistication to the wedding. On top of that, they’re one of the most affordable DIY décor options. Shop white tea light candles in bulk and save even more money. You can use tumbler glasses to place candles inside, buy glass candle holders and place an odd number of candles on a round mirror to create an elegant centrepiece. Add some pearls or flowers to the mix, to have a classy décor on every table.

DIY Photo Backdrop

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Do you want to have a beautiful photo booth backdrop for everyone to take pictures after the ceremony and throughout the reception? No need to pay hundreds of dollars for it when you can make it yourself. Do you prefer balloons or flowers? Maybe you’d like an image of your favourite landscape? You can have a balloon arch that only requires you to buy balloons in various sizes, inflate them, and hang them to a metal rod that you’ll bend so that it resembles an arch. Use paper to make flowers that, when glued together, can create a fabulous backdrop that no one would tell isn’t made of fresh flowers.

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding will be costly, but luckily you can make it slightly more affordable. Choose DIY décor ideas, and save hundreds of dollars on décor pieces. Make your wedding authentic by adding personal touches through DIY décor solutions.