5 Cool Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Dresses for Brides

Not every bride wants a traditional white wedding dress with a long train and a veil.

And that is a-ok.

Weddings are becoming more unique than ever and more brides are opting for alternatives to the traditional style of dresses.

If you are one of these brides, take a look at our top 5 suggestions for cool wedding dress alternatives.

Hopefully, they will give you some ideas for when you start shopping.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

1.   Jumpsuits

Source: https://www.onefabday.com/20-amazing-bridal-jumpsuits/

A jumpsuit is a great go-to option for alternative brides.

As they’ve gained popularity over the last couple of years, there are far more options out there from wedding designers and wedding dress stores.  Jumpsuits can still give you a formal and elegant look while keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

They can be paired well with any kind of shoe as well. You could go for a classic heel, a trendy boot, or even flat shoes for a beach wedding or for the dancing section of the night.

They are a very versatile option for a wedding outfit that allows you to enjoy your day whatever way you want to.  You can go for the classic bridal white or you can switch it up and go for any colour you want.

There are no rules!

2.   Two-Pieces

Photo by Akemy Mory on Unsplash

 If you don’t want a traditional wedding dress but you still want the classic silhouette of a dress or you want to mix and match your outfit for different portions of the wedding day, you could go for a two-piece wedding outfit.

This could be a top and a long skirt, a top and a mid-length skirt, a top and trousers, or any combination you want.  This is a far more comfortable option and it allows you to vary your outfit throughout the day to fit whatever activity you are doing.

Two-piece outfits are great for relaxed brides who want a little bit of freedom and a little bit of versatility.  You can dress them up or down to suit any style of wedding too.

3.   Suits

Image Source: https://greenweddingshoes.com/

Women are no longer bound to traditional ideas of femininity.  You don’t need to wear a dress to be a beautiful bride.  More and more brides are opting for a wedding suit for their big day and they look stunning.   

You can style your suit in any way you want and have it altered to fit your exact body shape.  You could go for a warm Winter suit or a relaxed, light Summer suit if you are going to a warmer destination or an outdoor wedding venue.

Remember that it’s your big day and you can do whatever you want.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident and that will be the perfect outfit for you.

4.   Coloured Dresses

White is no longer the only acceptable option for bridal wear.  You can wear whatever colour makes you happy.  You could even wear a dress or outfit with multiple colours.

Or how about different coloured statement shoes?

Whatever way you decide to do it, adding colour to your bridal outfit is a great way to break out of societal norms and to just live your best life.

Keep things fun and happy because why shouldn’t you?  It’s your wedding day.

5.   Cocktail Dresses

Image via Pinterest

The pandemic has been a driving force in opening what is “acceptable” and “normal” for brides to wear, as weddings have been coming in all shapes and sizes for the last year and a half.

Many couples have opted for smaller, more casual weddings due to restrictions and limits, and this in turn has led to a rise in more casual bridal outfits.  Cocktail dresses are a great option if you still want to look “dressed-up” but you want something more fun and casual than a traditional long wedding dress.

They are also much easier to dance and party in, and isn’t that all we really want in a dress?  Again, you could go for traditional white if you want some air of tradition around your outfit, or you could blow things wide open and go for any colour you want.

Some Final Words

If you are a bride and it’s your big day, whatever outfit you are wearing is a bridal outfit.  No rules, no limitations, and no worrying about what other people think.

Go out there and have the best day possible, and wear whatever you want.

Go get ‘em!