5 Common Wedding Video Mistakes You Need To Know

 (And How To Avoid Them)

Weddings are one of the most critical moments in a person’s life. Couples want their weddings to be perfect and every minute detail caught on camera so they can relive their glorious wedding days in the future.

Aside from event photos, wedding videos can capture the beauty and splendour of a very special day like a wedding. Hence, there’s no room for mistakes in everything wedding-related: from the event theme down to the event video coverage.

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Different Wedding Video Faux Pas And What You Should Do To Avoid Them

Wedding videos are indispensable in preserving memories and encapsulating emotions present in the wedding event. Couples dream of having not only the perfect wedding but to have video recordings of the event that they can look back to in the future.

To keep everything perfect, this post will highlight some of the most common wedding video mistakes you must know and how to avoid them; read on to learn more.

  1. Not Setting Expectations With Your Videographer Early On

Your videographer must know what you want for your wedding video. You need to relay your preferences and expectations, and you can do this by meeting with them several times before the wedding day.

Getting your videographer to know you will help them understand your and your partner’s personality so that it can be reflected in the wedding video. Let them know if you want to incorporate storytelling to deliver your and your partner’s love story and so on.

Wedding videographers play a crucial role in making your special day magical. They can boost your wedding experience and make it unique and memorable.

  1. Thinking Your Non-Professional Videographer Friend Could Do Your Wedding Video

Sure, you have a friend who’s great at capturing photos and videos, but there’s nothing like hiring a professional to take your wedding video. Professionals are trained and knowledgeable about the different techniques for shooting wedding videos.

Further, professional wedding videographers can capture crucial moments of your wedding, like the bridal march, beautifully and professionally.

  1. Poor Audio Quality

Nobody likes watching a film where they can barely hear the dialogue going on. The same goes for wedding videos.

It’s crucial that your videographer use a dedicated high-quality microphone. They shouldn’t rely on their camera device’s built-in microphone because it’ll not produce good quality audio and can even pick up unnecessary background noise.

See some samples of the work of the videographer you plan to hire to see if they prioritize superb audio quality.

  1. Not Having A Clear Idea In Mind

Before the wedding, you must know what your vision is: this is the overall theme, style, and atmosphere you want for your wedding video. Would you like it to be cinematic? Like a documentary? Or perhaps a traditional classic wedding video that captures the key moments of the day? There’s also the storybook and the highlight style.

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Check the different wedding video styles below.

  • Cinematic – Involves a more dramatic approach that often uses aerial shots, slow-motion, and artistic camera angles. You need to hire a videographer known to deliver such a vision.
  • Documentary – Captures the day as it naturally unfolds. It includes candid moments, interviews with the couple and the entourage, with as much minimal interference from the videographer as possible. The goal is to produce a memorable and authentic wedding video that anyone will enjoy watching repeatedly.
  • Traditional – This is the classic and timeless style of presenting the video showing events chronologically and featuring classic music choices.
  • Storybook – Captures the couple’s love story through interviews, photographs and narrations. It may even include staged scenes and re-enactments to illustrate key moments in the couple’s relationship before tying the knot.
  • Highlight – This is a short and condensed wedding video that features key moments of the entire wedding day. The couple sets the video to their chosen music and typically shows it during the wedding reception to show gratitude to the guests.

These are just some wedding visions you might want to explicitly communicate with your videographer early on so that they can execute the project well.

  1. Too Much Video Editing

Over-editing can make the video look unnatural and inauthentic. You may have the last say with what you want your wedding video would look like but instructing your videographer to make everything look flawless and perfect takes away the genuineness of the event.


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. A well-made wedding video can capture all the magical moments of this day that couples can relive anytime they want.

Avoid some of the most common wedding video mistakes by following the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be able to have a high-quality wedding video you folks will get to enjoy for years.