5 Camera Drone Ideas for Your Wedding

There’s nothing quite like capturing the perfect wedding shot. With drones becoming an increasingly popular investment for videographers and wedding photographers, the options are endless. Drones cover a huge area, and they offer all kinds of incredible photo opportunities.

Here are some of the best drone ideas for weddings.

  1. From the sea

Beach weddings are beautiful, but often, you’re limited in terms of the angles you can cover. You can take fabulous shots out to sea, but it’s much more difficult to capture the setting from the other side.

With a drone, you can take snaps from every side, giving you the chance to see the wedding location from the sea, as well as from the beach.

If you have a drone, you can add stunning photos of the couple on the shore with the cliffs, a promenade or even a city skyline the background. A drone gives you a more versatile and varied collection of shots and gorgeous images that can be put together for wedding videography.

  1. The mountain shot

Mountains make for spectacular wedding photographs, but they’re not always the easiest images to get right. If you’re trying to reach the summit or clamber around rocks and climb hills, it can be tricky to get the shot and life could be made much easier with drones.

With a drone, you can cover a huge amount of space without risking life or limb, and you’ll end up with beautiful images of the couple standing or sitting on top of the world.

  1. Walk on the rock


If you’re in a national park or an area of natural beauty, and you want to make the most of the setting and try out different wedding photography poses, a drone is a perfect companion.

A drone will record the couple slowly walking on the rock hand-in-hand, giving you picturesque photos that celebrate and show off the landscape. You can cover all angles and shoot from different heights to get a range of images.

  1. All the guests from above

The entire group shot can be a nightmare for photographers, especially when there are hundreds of guests.

Sending a drone into the sky is a great way to ensure you get everybody in the shot. Many couples want photos of their friends and family, and the group photo is a brilliant memento for every guest.

  1. The ceremony

Most wedding albums will feature close-ups of the couples’ rings and their faces as they say ‘I do’, but if you’re focused on getting these images, it can be difficult to capture the ceremony in other ways.

Photo courtesy of Perfect Moment Photography

Using a drone, you can get a mixture of shots, including romantic close-ups and aerial snaps that show the guests and the ceremony setting. A drone gives you more flexibility, and it enables you to see the whole setup, rather than just the spot where the vows are exchanged.

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. With a drone, you can take amazing photos in all kinds of incredible settings.