5 Best Ways to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

We all love weddings. They are wonderful events full of love and cheer organized to celebrate your loved ones. They are also a perfect occasion for families and friends to come together, catch up and have some crazy fun. However, weddings can also be expensive, both for the couple and the guests. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your upcoming wedding gift, here are a few ways you can save up yet still provide the happy couple with a wonderful gift they will cherish forever.

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Compare Prices

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The easiest way to save money on wedding gifts is to take your time with shopping. Before you cash out on an item from the registry, check the prices of the same item in other stores. In many cases, buying an item online can save you a significant percentage. There are many retailers that sell items from popular brands yet charge less than department stores and boutiques. Sometimes, the price difference is measured in hundreds of dollars when you include discounts and gift codes. This tip might take a bit more time than simply grabbing something from the registry, but the savings will be all worth it.

Create a Handmade Gift

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If you have a talent for painting, woodwork, pottery or any other art, you can make a gift and present it at the wedding. Of course, your gift needs to be of high quality and meaningful for the couple, and if you can produce such a product, the couple will be more than happy with their present. A beautiful portrait of the couple, a set of pottery plates or bowls, blown-glass items, or a handmade crib for their future baby (only if you know they are expecting) can all be considered a very thoughtful present.

Choose Your Payment Option Wisely

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When purchasing something more expensive, like a wedding present, make sure to use your credit card. For instance, if you grab your David Jones American Express and go shopping for a gift in their store, you can gain many advantages. Expect to see reward points for David Jones, major supermarkets, petrol stations and many other places. It even includes complimentary gift wrapping so your gift can look as attractive on the outside as it looks on the inside. Plus, make sure to use the points you earn in the future on other wedding gifts or just on yourself.

Shop at Warehouse Stores

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Did you know that big box stores also sell popular registry items? You can easily find items like blenders, juicers, electronics and other gifts perfect for weddings in stores like Costco. And they will cost you up to 30% less! Members can get amazing savings on everything from wedding gifts to bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Let’s say that the new couple wants the new NutriBullet blender. If you’re a Costco member, you can get a discount on the product as well as receive extra value on other things. When compared to Target and other stores where people usually register or buy presents, the savings are real.

Share Expenses

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Most couples put a variety of items on their wish lists, most of which are affordable for regular guests. However, it’s normal to also put more expensive items on the registry. If you want to forego a more budget-friendly wedding gift and opt for something lux, but can’t cash out $500 for a new washer or Dyson vacuum, ask someone to split the costs. This way, you won’t have to break the bank and the new couple will definitely appreciate a more expensive item you managed to provide for them.

All of these money-saving ways we just mentioned are perfectly acceptable, and you definitely won’t embarrass yourself in front of newlyweds and other guests. Plus, you’ll enjoy the extra money in your pocket!