5 Best Fashion Ideas for Wedding Guests

After some difficult periods that the pandemic has brought us, big celebrations such as weddings are finally returning to the way they were. Your calendar for 2023 is probably getting slowly filled with wedding invites. And that means only one thing: learning more about the fashion trends that await us in the new year and finding the perfect wedding attire for each wedding.

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When it comes to choosing an outfit, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, you should check the dress code and consider the season as well as the venue. You want to dress appropriately for each wedding. Additionally, you should wear clothes that suit and flatter your body shape. And lastly, you should not forget to match the bag and the shoes.

As far as the wedding guest attire ideas are concerned, this year is all about slip and floral dresses. What’s also popular is Barbie core, which we’ll explain later. Moreover, there are whimsical silhouette dresses, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses.

Important Things to Consider

Before deciding what to wear to a wedding, there are a few essential things to consider.

Check the Dress Code

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You should first check the dress code, as maybe some special dress code is required. You can ask the bride or groom whether you should dress formally or casually. There might also be a colour scheme you should stick to or colours you should avoid. When it comes to religious ceremonies, you might have to cover yourself up.

Consider the Season and the Venue

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The next thing you should have in mind when choosing the perfect wedding attire is the season and the venue. Each season is different and requires you to dress differently due to hot or cold weather. You should also consider the venue – some venues are more elegant and high-end than others, so your attire should be suitable.

Find a Perfect Fit

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When choosing an ideal wedding attire, besides the things we’ve mentioned so far, you should also pick clothes that fit your body shape well. You should feel comfortable and good in whatever you wear.

Don’t Forget to Match the Bag and the Shoes

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Your wedding attire doesn’t consist only of a beautiful dress or a stunning skirt and blazer set – you need to pair your outfit with the perfect shoes and bag. As weddings typically last the whole day, choose stylish and comfortable shoes.

Wedding Guest Attire Ideas

And finally, here we are – we present to you the top 5 wedding guest attire ideas:

1.   Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are highly versatile, and they have come back in slightly different forms and styles all the way from the 90s. They are a very popular option for wedding attire, as they can look casual and formal, depending on the accessories you wear. These dresses were popular in the past year and will continue to be so this year.

2.   Floral Dresses

Flowy floral dresses are a perfect wedding attire option for spring and summer weddings. These dresses often have a romantic feel to them. There are diverse floral patterns such as vibrant, oversized blooms, micro prints, pastel colours and even dark prints.

3.   Barbie Core

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Furthermore, there is Barbie core. This style originated from the well-known Barbie and her way of dressing. This style is becoming increasingly popular with its hot pink hues. Not only that. Viva magenta, a shade of pink colour, is the most popular colour for 2023. Other elements that are characteristic of this style are oversized bows, structured silhouettes and statement dresses – anything that feels over the top, really.

4.   Whimsical Silhouette Dresses

Another popular wedding attire alternative are whimsical silhouette dresses. This style originated from a fascination with royals and includes elements such as ruffles, tiers, puffed sleeves, flutter sleeves, and bows. This kind of dress can make you feel like a princess.

5.   Jumpsuits and Maxi Dresses

Wedding attire options are not limited to dresses, skirts, and top sets. There are other plausible and elegant options, such as jumpsuits and maxi dresses. The important thing is to choose something that goes well with you, fits you, and is suitable for the occasion and your age.

Our recommendation is to start preparing on time – do online research about the trends and find some outfits that you like. Then, find where you can try these on or where you can order them to arrive at your home. In that way, you’ll avoid all the stress and there are more chances to make a good choice.