5 Bedroom Colour Ideas for Wedded Bliss

A big part of the wedding planning process goes toward deciding on the perfect venue, choosing the ideal floral arrangements, and having the most gorgeous wedding decor in place. The place where you two decide to tie the knot is a crucial component, and it’s going to be something you’re going to remember for the rest of your lives.

That said, after your big day is over, you’re going to need a beautiful and romantic place to head back to and relax after such a huge event. That means you’ll also need to set up your new home, and, more importantly, your new bedroom. This is, after all, a place where you’ll begin your married life, so it needs to be just as special and memorable as your big day.

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Because your choice of colours will largely dictate the atmosphere of your bedroom, we thought we’d help you out by listing a couple of bedroom colour ideas for your wedded bliss. Let’s take a look.

Red Romance

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Starting off with the most romantic colours of all, red is one of the top choices for newlywed couples, and the reason for that is obvious. As a  colour that exudes romance and passion, red is a perfect choice for creating a sultry, seductive, and sensual setup.

Because it can be quite captivating and stimulating, some couples may choose a subtler approach when incorporating this fiery hue. They may choose to keep the background somewhat neutral and add red accents with the help of bedding, pillows, blankets, and lampshades. To take things up a notch, consider including a couple of goldish/brick red accents that will further enhance the warmth of this romantic colour. Want to go all-in? Consider combining several shades of red and using them for larger surfaces such as your walls, draperies, and bedroom furniture.

Purple Passion

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Another way to infuse your newlywed bedroom with romance is to reach for decor pieces in purple tones. Regarded as intriguing and mysterious, purple can be quite tantalizing, which makes it the perfect choice for creating a seductive and sensual vibe.

Accessories in shades such as raspberry, aubergine, grape, lavender, and lilac will introduce subtle, feminine touches to a neutral base and add a chic, ladylike flair for a perfectly balanced look. Rely on vases and throw pillows for more subtle accents, or go all-in with patterned wallpapers and a purple sofa.

Pretty in Pastels

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Soft and delicate, pastels are a cheerful alternative to neutrals which often feel cold or bland, while their soothing nature makes them a perfect choice for a sleep space. From light pink and soft blue to calming beiges and charming peaches, pastels are ideal for adding a dose of elegance and sophistication to a newlywed bedroom.

Looking to make a big splash? Focus on large surfaces such as walls and floors when introducing pastel hues. Rolling out a couple of gorgeous pastel rugs is perfect for adding pops of playful design, and they can be easily combined with different furniture and decor elements as well as design styles. Similarly, installing a pastel wallpaper can help you create an accent wall in an instance, adding a romantic flair without overwhelming the space. For a more subtle approach, rely on paintings, lighting fixtures, and bedside table accessories to introduce these soft pastel tones.

Ethereal and Earthy

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Speaking of soothing tones that don’t feel distracting, an earthy colour palette could be just what your newlywed bedroom needs in order to feel seductive and serene at the same time. Because of their neutral tone, earthy colour schemes are ideal for effortlessly chic spaces and will look stylish throughout all four seasons, especially the ones that employ muted tones with touches of warm hues.

They pair perfectly with wooden accents and natural elements such as indoor greenery, and can easily be mixed and matched without you worrying about overdoing it. Whether you opt for a delicate beige, caramel brown, powdery cream, or moss green, earthy tones will help you create that cocoon-like vibe, resulting in a perfectly peaceful sleep environment.

Black and Bold

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When designing a newlywed bedroom, your main aim is to set the mood while also creating an elegant, sophisticated backdrop. A black bedroom colour palette does all that and more. Bold and dramatic, black is the perfect colour choice for couples who are looking for something a little bit different while also achieving a classy, refined look.

Go all in by pairing black furniture and wall paint with metallic accents and decor elements in soft, neutral hues, and vary the texture for visual interest. If a monochromatic bedroom seems too bold, try pairing this dark hue with a bright white. It’ll help create contrast and balance while also setting a romantic tone.

Wrapping Up

The colours you use in your bedroom space matter. Given how you’re starting a new chapter in your life, you want to make sure it’s both inspiring and welcoming. Use these ideas to inspire your bedroom makeover and start your married life off on the right foot.