5 Apps to Organize the Perfect Honeymoon On a Student Budget

What could be better than waiting for and planning a honeymoon? You want everything to go perfectly: you and your soulmate in another country, around romantic spots and a completely different culture. But how do you achieve all this when you are a student and your budget is limited? Just get the right apps that will help you make your honeymoon unforgettable without emptying your pockets.

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Modern technologies provide us with many advantages and this also applies to tourism. Therefore, many applications can help not only plan a trip but also save money. There are many countries that match the romantic atmosphere and are suitable for the student budget. Pay attention to the apps from our list and be calm about your finances!

Guides by Lonely Planet: Plan Your Romantic Trip and Find the Best Places

With this app, you can feel absolutely calm in any city and country. All you need to do is enter the application and explore all the nearby attractions, choose a route and hit the road. You can save the route in advance to use it offline.

There are also recommendations and useful tips for each country, city, and attraction. You can convert the currency directly into the application and not calculate the prices in mind or using other programs. Also, there is information on transport and you can find the nearest stop for the desired transport.

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In addition to everything, there is also a phrasebook of 19 languages. So you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. But if you still have problems with this, you can use the translation service from The Word Point.

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In conclusion, we can say that with this application you will find romantic places for your honeymoon without much difficulty. You can choose a country and a city that will suit your desires. Just line up the route and drive knowing where to start, as if you had a travel guide with you.

Hopper: Find the Best Prices for Tickets

Finding airline tickets is always a difficult task. Today you found tickets but decided to book them tomorrow. And when you open them again you see a completely different price. In general, the reality of searching for airline tickets does not promise the most pleasant experience.

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But fortunately, there is a good app that will help you find tickets at the best prices. Many users note that thanks to this application they were able to save a lot of money. Is it suitable for honeymoon planning with a limited budget? It is suitable even if your budget is higher. Why spend a lot of money when there is a real opportunity for savings? So it is simply indispensable for those who are planning a vacation or a romantic trip.

All you need to do is enter the direction and date of departure. After that, you will receive not only the price of the flight but also information about whether such an offer is worth the time to book. If you are not comfortable with the current price, then you can set a flight for tracking. After that, you will receive information about price changes and most likely you will find the offer that will fit your budget.

Revolut: Payments Abroad with no Extra Fees

You don’t want to have to run around to look for the best exchange rates. Download this application and be calm about your finances. This application works with almost 130 currencies and there are no hidden payments or commissions. So you will not encounter scammers.

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Moreover, this application allows you to monitor your expenses and even receive money transfers from other people. If you urgently need money, then your relatives or friends will be able to make a payment with this application. There is a limit on the number of payments, but most likely it will be enough to cover your unexpected expenses.

If you have cryptocurrency, then you definitely need to use this application as it supports Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Another advantage is the availability of a physical card. In general, many avid travellers note the usefulness of this application. Therefore, consider using it for your honeymoon too.

Trip Expense Manager: Know How Much You Spent

If you want to track your expenses during your vacation, then you should definitely pay attention to this application.  The visual display shows where most of your money goes. Maybe you drink too much coffee or spend a lot of money on unnecessary souvenirs.

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In general, it is a good manager for your expenses. There is also the opportunity to convert currencies. Your notes can also help other travellers make up their vacation budget. It is worth noting that this is still a great option when you go on a trip with a company. If your friends go on vacation with you, with this application, you can easily share all the costs.

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Priceline: Find the Best Accommodation

For newlyweds, it is extremely important to learn how to manage finances. A honeymoon is the first joint thing to be planned, and from a financial point of view, you don’t want to arrive home to find you have no money left. Therefore, this application may be very necessary for you. What is its feature?

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With this application, you can find the best deals on hotels, car rental, tickets and more. You can check the rating of each hotel, pricing policy and read reviews. You can narrow your searches thanks to rating and pricing. So you will already know how much money you will spend on the main components of a honeymoon. Also, you can find the best offers for apartments. So this application will also be useful for planning the best honeymoon.


All you need is to go to App Store or Play Market and download applications from our list. Do not underestimate the benefits that they can bring to you. They will help you plan your romantic trip in full and match your budget. Isn’t that what you need? So making an unforgettable and unique honeymoon is quite possible even if you are a student!

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