5 Amazing Wedding Gifts For New Homeowners

Buying a wedding gift today can be tedious, especially if the new couple doesn’t have a wish list. However, if you know they just moved to their new house and are trying to turn it into a warm and loving home, you can keep that in mind when buying wedding gifts.

For those of you who need more solid ideas, here are a few amazing wedding gifts for all new homeowners:

Quality Coffee Maker

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Your newlyweds will need a lot of help from coffee every morning, especially if they decide to have kids. So provide them with the luxury of having a café-level cup of java every morning without even leaving their kitchen. A quality coffee maker is a gift for every new family and something that will definitely not go unused. Make sure that the machine can make at least two cups at the same time, preferably equipped with smart features that allow them to set a timer and get woken up with a fresh cup. Throw in a personalized set of cups for her and him and you’ll have a well-rounded present you won’t embarrass yourself with for sure.

Bar Cart

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Having a decent selection of drinks for your guests is an integral part of being a good host, so make sure to provide your new couple with a way to impress their guests and serve them amazing drinks. Choose an interesting and practical bar cart that serves both as decoration and as handy storage for their drinks. This is a great piece of home furniture and décor perfect for the living room, dining room or backyard patio, and it will be the gathering station during every house party. And make sure also to throw in a special drink with the cart—a quality bottle of whiskey and a personalized decanter to get them started on their drink selection.

A Brand New Fridge

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If you’re ready to spend more money on your wedding gift and do something amazing for the new couple and their new home, then opt for a new fridge. This is a big investment and something you should definitely discuss with the couple, but if they say Yes to your gift, you have the opportunity to change their lives. Consider modern side by side fridges with many high-tech features for efficient cooling, easy storing and space-saving. These fit standard Australian kitchens so you don’t have to worry too much about dimensions, so at least some part of your gift can be a surprise.

Cooking Necessities

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When you have a brand new kitchen in your new house, it’s such a shame to use your beat-up pots and pans. To provide your couple with a truly fresh start in their new house, surprise them with a set of deluxe cookware. If the happy couple is more into cooking savoury things, then a set of high-quality pans, pots and sauce dishes with matching lids will come in very handy for a nice Sunday roast or a family dinner. If the couple in question has an especially sweet tooth and loves to experiment with baking delicious pastries and sweets, then an 11-piece set will be the perfect gift for them. It has everything an aspiring pastry chef could possibly need, together with two genius racks for easy storage.

Garden Chairs

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Most guests will certainly focus on the interior, so if you want your gift to stand out, opt for something interesting for their garden. For instance, a great idea is to surprise your new couple with beautiful garden chairs that will improve the look and usability of their backyard. Depending on the style of their outdoor space, you can opt for either very modern and sleek chairs or take a more rustic route with rocking-style deck chairs. This present will allow your newlyweds to enjoy their lazy days together, make plans for the future and host many amazing get-togethers you’ll definitely be invited for.

These wedding gifts definitely won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Together with a heartfelt note, your gift will stand out in the best way and find its permanent spot in the happy couple’s new house.