5 Adventures to Make Your Honeymoon a

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Tying the knot with your significant other is one of life’s joyful moments, and it only fits that your honeymoon should be the trip of a lifetime that’s memorable and speaks to your interests as well.

If sipping cocktail drinks by the beach is your type of honeymoon bliss, then great. But if you and your spouse are thrill-seeking junkies, your honeymoon is the perfect moment to sate your adventurous desires together as a married couple—for the first time!

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An adventure-filled honeymoon could mean anywhere from traversing off-the-beaten paths or trying out a new sport. If you’re on the lookout for thrill-seeking honeymoon activities, listed below are our fool-proof honeymoon activities to try out:

Water Sports

For couples who want sun, sea, and sand, being one with the waters is a great way to spend a honeymoon. After saying your “I-dos,” take a romantic flight over Heart Reef in The Whitsunday Islands and admire the turquoise waters.

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Choose from a plethora of water sports to try out: snorkel sessions, kayak fishing, sea scooter tours, or daytime adventures to unpopulated islands and beaches. Alternatively, you may visit The Great Barrier Reef through Dunk Island Resort or Lizard Island Resort.


Angling may not be as physically demanding as other sports, but it is here where you’ll find peace and tranquillity while taking in the panoramic views of the deep turquoise waters of Australia. So, bring your fishing rods to Gippsland, Victoria, where you can snag an Australian bass, carp, or redfin.

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It’s important to note that fishing licenses are required, so include registering for a permit in your plans!

Nature Trips

If holding a fishing rod for long periods isn’t your cup of tea, visit the remote, beautiful town of Broome. There are plenty of Resorts for nature adventures like swimming with whale sharks, diving for pearls, joining 4-wheel drive tours, driving cattle, camel rides, and so much more. Cap off your honeymoon with a scenic flight over the breathtaking horizontal falls of Buccaneer Archipelago.

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Traversing the uncharted trails of southern highlands is a great way to spend the first moments as a couple. Enjoy exploration amidst jaw-dropping, rugged mountains and plan a hike in the Grand Canyon Track, a loop trail near the Blue Mountains.

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A camping getaway gets you and your spouse into a romantic, peaceful setting with nature. First, determine whether camping will be a road trip or a destination trip. If it’s the former, we suggest planning a stop at the Hunter Valley. Bring your mountain bike and traverse the rugged wilderness!

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But if you have a day or two to spend camping, plan a visit to Uluru, a World Heritage Site famed for its golden sunset. Book a cabin or a tent and explore Uluru’s beauty for a day or two. Activities such as wildlife tours, scenic flights, birdwatching, stargazing, and dining give enough room for significant experiences.

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There’s no better way to enjoy the first moments as a married couple than diving into exciting adventures together. Luckily, Australia has it all to satify your desire for an exciting getaway. So, make sure to include any of these activities in your ultimate vacation.