4 Interesting Foodie Wedding Ideas

If you and your future spouse are going to be hosting a foodie wedding, good food is high on the priority list. That means you’re probably looking among the best food wedding ideas to find the best food and drinks for your big day.

Dinner Shouldn’t Be Stuffy

No one expects to eat truffles and really expensive foods at your wedding. Even if it’s generous and classy most complicated meals end up coming out cold or overcooked. So why not pick a meal that’s fun and gets the guests chatting about the food in a good way?

Do something unexpected and fun like burgers. Burgers can still be fancy. Have Kobe Beef with homemade brioche buns. And everyone will love it. If you’re not down with burgers, and still want to spice up your menu, you should consider setting it up family-style.

There won’t be worrying about collecting your guests’ preferences since they’ll be able to sample all of the food options. The platters of food will take up a good portion of your tables, and that means fewer florals and candles. Plus, the passing of the plates makes a comfortable vibe, and it’s a great conversation starter.

Plan Your Cocktail Hour

Often weddings have appetizers that are simple and predictable. The appetizers should be bite-sized and come with a pop of flavour. Go for something like bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese or herb and white bean crostini or even mini grilled cheeses with caramelized onions. These examples are unique but affordable and will get your guests excited for dinner.

On the other hand, the drinks are equally important and deserve some planning. A Lot of people are just not a fan of the open bar. They’re expensive and can create a pretty loud wedding. Look into making some signature cocktails. Pick drinks that represent you and your significant other. If you are a vodka lover, make and serve Cosmopolitans. And if your man is a whiskey lover go for Old Fashions, and everyone will be happy and satisfied.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for the bar, skip the signature cocktails and set up a make your drink bar. A basic bar package usually consists of wine, beer, champagne, sodas, juices, and garnishes. You can easily choose and order your favourite Australian wines online from the most lovely wine regions. Have the caterers set out some peach, cranberry, and sparkling dark grape juice in some bowls of citrus twists, berries, and mint leaves for garnish. These kinds of bars are festive and special without being overly costly.

Make A Dessert Table

By the time dessert comes around, most people are up and out of their seats. And nobody typically makes it back to their tables for a few bites of your wedding cake. This is why the dessert table trend is so awesome. Guests can grab a plate of various sweets that they can easily eat while standing and dancing with friends and family. Some of the trendiest assortments right now are platters of cookies with espressos and cappuccinos, individual cakes in mason jars, customized ice cream sandwiches, customized chocolates and French macarons. It will make your wedding frugal yet majestic.

The dessert table is going to be a focal point for the room and will show up in endless amounts of pictures. Make sure to have a variety of cake stands, platters, and oversized bowls to add some style and height to the table. Also, it’s always a good idea to print little cards describing all the dessert flavours and types.

It is still encouraged having a cake simply for the sake of tradition. It’s fun to cut that first slice and feed it to your significant other. You can always send the cake home with your parents or take it home after the wedding.

Late Night Pizza

Another awesome thing to do is to serve up simple pizza slices to hungry guests after a couple of hours on the dance floor. Lots of awesome couples are choosing to treat their guests to a heavenly slice of homemade as a fun alternative to the typical dinner. Pizzas can still be a gourmet meal.

There are a lot of companies that can make this wedding dream happen. They make the homemade pizzas right there in their food truck unit for anything from 20 to 200 people using only the best high-quality ingredients. Don’t be scared to be different. If you don’t go for traditional foods you will give people something to talk about.

If you want the food at your wedding to be super fancy, consider just getting married at one of your favourite restaurants. Most restaurants can be hired for private events such as weddings, and you can talk directly to the chef and create your dream menu. Just make sure you take the time to sit and enjoy the food that you picked out for your wedding day.