4 Edible Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a great way of thanking your guests for coming to your wedding. 

Before the big event takes place, couples are advised to begin looking at different favour ideas

Weddings can cost couples a lot of money, so it is of vital importance that couples make a budget before they begin shopping for wedding favours. 

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To satisfy your guests and to avoid going over budget, why not purchase tasty treats for those attending your wedding. There are several foods readily available that will make for fantastic wedding favours, so let’s take a closer look at four edible wedding favours.

1. Raw Honey

Most people love eating raw honey. Instead of buying from a supermarket, consider speaking with store owners or people working for bee farms that sell raw honey products that are made locally. 

According to Food Safety News, over seventy per cent of honey sold in supermarkets is ultra-filtered, and they do not contain pollen. If the honey you buy your guests doesn’t contain pollen, it won’t be considered real honey. 

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To save yourself the embarrassment, only buy honey that contains traces of pollen from a local business. Not only will you be buying tasty honey that your guests will enjoy, but you will also be supporting a local business. If there is a local bee farm in your area, ask the people working on the farm for advice. 

Before buying honey, find out what type of honey jars are available. Some bee farms allow customers to customize their own jars. If this is an option, why not write a message on the label to thank your guests for coming to your wedding.

Honey is a sweet gift idea to show your guests that you appreciate them for coming.

2. Handmade Chocolate

Almost everybody likes eating chocolate. According to recent statistics, Americans spend over ten billion dollars each year on chocolate. 

Thanks to the internet, sourcing handmade chocolate has never been easier. There are tons of online stores selling a wide variety of chocolate gifts, which would make for a great wedding favour. 

Here are a few of the different types of chocolate gift ideas you should consider buying for your guests:

  • Selection box: Because some people don’t like certain chocolates, a selection box will contain a variety of different treats. Each guest is bound to find a tasty chocolate snack they like in a selection box. 
  • Chocolate hamper: Most online stores that specialize in handmade chocolate sell chocolate hampers. 
  • Chocolate bars: If you are thinking about buying each guest a handmade chocolate bar, try different bars out before buying a specific bar. 


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Some of your guests might have allergies or dietary restrictions. Before buying chocolate, make sure the labels on the chocolate give a clear description of the ingredients. 

3. Homemade Donuts

If time is on your side, and you love to bake, why not make homemade donuts yourself? For couples on a budget, making favours at home can help them save money. 

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Donuts don’t cost a lot of money, which is why you should consider hiring a local baker to make the donuts for your big day. Fresh donuts taste great, and after a long day, your guests will more than likely eat them all up in a short space of time, so make sure that you order enough so everybody gets at least one. 

4. Homemade Jam

Homemade jam in a customized jam jar is another popular wedding favour. In comparison to canned jam, homemade jam is a lot healthier

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If there is someone locally making homemade jam, ask about the different fruit jams available. The most popular fruit jams are:

  • Pineapple
  • Plum
  • Strawberry
  • Orange


Unlike canned jam, homemade jam doesn’t contain any preservatives. Homemade fruit jam can help a person maintain a healthy diet because it is rich in vitamin C. If a person eats homemade fruit jam on a daily basis, it can help improve their immunity. 

Because a lot of wedding guests spend the day drinking alcohol, providing them with a healthy snack might prove to be a good idea. Just in case your guests want to eat the jam during or after the wedding, you might want to provide them with some homemade bread to go with the jam. 


If the business you buy the edible favour from doesn’t allow you to customize the packaging or the label, consider doing it yourself. Personalized packaging will show your guests that you have gone the extra mile and that you really do appreciate them for their support.

If you plan to give a favour to each of your guests, make sure that you have extra just in case. If you don’t have a backup, some of your guests might lose out on their favour, which could cause a problem during your wedding day. Also, you might want to hang on to a few favours yourself, in case you get hungry after all of the celebrations!