3 Tips for Planning a More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding

Many young couples who are planning to get married, dream of having a lavish wedding they will remember for the rest of their lives. Money is often no object with the parents of the bride usually willing to step up and to send their daughter off in style.

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But doing it in style doesn’t mean that you have to fritter money away on food that gets leftover and wasted, or fancy packaging that looks great but isn’t very functional. People today are much more green-minded than they ever were, and they are beginning to realize that it is possible to have a wonderful wedding and still be eco-friendly.

If you too are of this mind, here are three great tips on designing a wedding that delivers on occasion, but does it in with sustainability in mind. The first place to start is with the venue itself.

Selecting the right wedding venue

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Before you even begin to think about the wedding breakfast menu, think about the guests. There is a growing trend to hold weddings abroad in exotic locations. While this trend screams out opulent extravagance, it also means that your guests will have much further to travel. They may have to pay their own way to get there, but even if they are willing to do so, their carbon footprints are going to be horrendous.

The demand for green weddings is steadily growing, and where there is a demand, supply always steps up to meet it. So, for those of you seeking out wedding venues with sustainability to the fore, check out the Guides for Brides website.

Limit the guest list

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Couples like to have as many of their friends and family as they can to be present for the wedding and the festivities. The problem, of course, is the greater the number of guests, the more significant impact on the environment, not only in terms of carbon footprints but wastage as well.

There are some hidden benefits to being prudent with the length of the wedding guest list. The first and most obvious is keeping the cost down. Any money you save by restricting the guest tally can be diverted into providing a bigger bar, or some special treats on the wedding breakfast menu.

Another benefit is that you will end up with a more intimate wedding.

Eco-friendly wedding favours

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Even with a smaller guest list, you will still want to do things with style. Take your wedding stationery, for example. You will undoubtedly send out invitations, and you may also want to have place cards printed for your wedding breakfast table. If you want to do things in an eco-friendly way as possible, ensure you choose a printer with excellent green credentials.

Some people go to the lengths of having little biscuits made with guest names on and putting them on the table instead of place cards. If you like this idea, but you can’t spare the time, why not visit the Kitsch Hen website and take and look at what they can do for you?

You can go one step further with this notion and have some beautiful little biscuits made as wedding favours and even send out edible wedding invitations. There are plenty of things you can do to make your wedding as environmentally friendly as possible. All it takes is a little thought.