Monthly Archives: June 2020

7 Tips on Planning A Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you ask anyone which is the most important day of their lives, many people will list the wedding day as one of these days. And indeed, couples spend a lot of time preparing their big day and they invest …

What Will Weddings Look Like in the Age of Social Distancing?

Some couples held virtual weddings at a time when strict measures were in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Others made use of pop-up socially distanced marriage booths. Now, as restrictions slowly start to lift, couples are permitted to …

How To Customize Your Engagement Ring To Fit Your Wedding Ring Design

In the past, wedding rings were made to be plain and simple. After all, the ring was simply a band that’s meant to indicate that a man or a woman was married. Today, it’s more than just that. You’ll see …

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