2019 Wedding Trends to Amaze Your Future Wife

Once you have made your proposal, it is time to start thinking about how to arrange the celebration you will remember your whole life. Of course, every bride wants to play the most active role in the wedding preparation and control every aspect of this important event.

It doesn’t matter whether you wanted to make it a surprise and take over arranging the wedding or just want to impress her with your knowledge of the latest trends. Read below to find out what you need to know.

Wedding Decorations

Just about anything can become your own decoration trend: big flowers, unusual forms, monochrome plants or something sparkly and extraordinary. As soon as you decide on the main theme of the wedding, come up with a decoration you associate with as a couple.  Rustic style and haystacks or elegant exotic flowers and a sunset-inspired colour palette. You are the main decorator and trend-setter at your wedding! Even if you do not know how to deal with a non-committal woman, when you show her these wedding trends, you will definitely make your beloved partner marry you!

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Modern wedding celebrations are not scared of bright combinations, mixtures of what you may think was incompatible, and accents that will definitely catch the eye of the guests. Neon signs have replaced the wooden ones and became the next trend present at every wedding. They can be ready-bought or custom made, for example, with the initials of the newlyweds or a quote from their favourite song.

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Celebrations have also switched from pompous restaurants to quiet spaces outside the city. They can be decorated with fresh flowers; animals can run near the guests’ area and quiet music will add to the atmosphere. The combination of Mother Nature and eco-friendly weddings have become extremely popular. But no matter what you choose, you can definitely add a neon sign to your photo zone: it will look amazing and add a neo-urbanistic note to your overall style.


Monochromatic weddings are no longer a thing – they are now replaced by multicoloured celebrations where all guests can choose outfits according to their mood and the decorations are bright and modern. It is the wave of contemporary art that has influenced weddings and now people think less about the form and more about the concept. They are not afraid of expressing themselves, so the single colour theme of the wedding has disappeared and newlyweds choose combinations of different hues and colours instead.

Source: www.gardenroute-weddings.co.za

Seating arrangements

By tradition, guests are seated six or eight people at several round tables, but larger, long tables are becoming more and more common because the atmosphere is warmer and more friendly, which sets a lovely mood for the celebration.

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If you can afford to buy new crockery for the wedding celebration, this will add a special note, as custom plates and glasses will show your personal approach to such an important event. There is no need to buy a lot of the same stuff – you can make your choice of elements of dishes from different companies and sets; you will use them at your home after the event. Every time you pull them out to serve a dinner for friends, these plates will bring back memories of that day. Choose glasses of different shapes and colours – this will add another bright accent.

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You can also have a calligrapher come up with a design of your initials, wedding motto, hashtag, or pattern for the background decorations. It is very on-trend to have the photo zone with your favourite quote in a special style as well.

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Finally, these ideas may seem fresh and interesting but try to choose only those that speak to your heart. If you add too much of everything, it will not look elegant and stylish. If you decide to add a few bright accents and trends, you can divide the areas with slightly different designs. But all of them should match the main theme of the celebration. For example, create a photo zone behind the seating area, make a bright and colourful dancing area, and add flowers and some special decorations where you and your future spouse will sit.