2019 Wedding Photo Trends All Couples Will Love

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to your wedding day and having your photo taken is one of those on top of the list. After all, this will be a love portrait of you and your partner so it has to fulfil all your dreams and expectations. Therefore, you need to find a photographer who follows the newest trends in wedding photography whose talents equal their knowledge of the newest technologies.

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But also, you need to know what you want to achieve with the photographers and flavour you are looking for. And to help you with that, here are 2019 wedding photo trends which will satisfy anyone’s taste and desires.

Have fun with a stop-motion photo session

Stop-motion photography includes creating animation from still photos which will then be converted to a video you can add sounds and captions to. The end result looks really magnificent with a note of nostalgia since stop-motion animation is an old way of creating cartoons and effects for films. However, this is also a great way to make a short film about your relationship and even use it as an original wedding invitation.

Start with pre-wedding photos

Pre-wedding photos don’t mean you won’t have pictures taken on your wedding day, but rather that you can tell the story of you as a couple. This is why pre-wedding photography has become very popular in recent years with day-after sessions being booked as well. And it’s up to you to decide on the narrative you want to capture with this photo session.

For example, you can go to places where you had your first date or where you met. If you are feeling relaxed enough before the big day, go for a more elaborate approach and recreate the whole story of your love.

Capture the first look

You know how it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding in her gown? Well, now you can use this tradition to capture the moment the groom first lays eyes on his future wife all dolled up. This is a perfect way to capture the moment of candid amazement and astonishment from the couple. Moreover, the kind of love you will get from these photos is something that can’t be recreated during the staged sessions, so make sure you include this moment as well.

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Invent your own hashtag

This is the era of the social media and your guests will post tons of pictures they take during the ceremony. In order to make it easier to track all the photos, create a hashtag unique for your wedding and ask your guests to include it in their posts. There is nothing more tiring than to chase down all the photos physically, and this way you will make the process less tedious and wearying.

Add fun photo booths to your wedding

Photo booths are very popular at weddings and they add a lot of fun to the ceremony. This is also a great opportunity for the wedding photographer to capture some relaxed and honest photos from your guests. And when it comes to the look of your photo booth, it can be anything you want and think your guests would be inspired to use.

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For example, take an old picture frame and hang it in the corner so your guests can pose behind it with cute props like huge lips and colourful glasses. Or, you can be more humorous and add something from popular cultures like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones or Red Room from Twin Peaks. As long as it’s something that will bring joy to your wedding party, then you shouldn’t miss capturing it on camera.

Go for the photojournalistic approach

While staged photos are expected to happen and usually prearranged, you will often hear the best wedding photographers such as this wedding photographer from Christchurch placing emphasis on photojournalistic approach. This will bring the very sought after authenticity to your special day and also capture spontaneous moments that will tell the story of their own. Ask your photographer to walk around the reception and among the guests without asking them to pose and simply capturing the moments.

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Use a dramatic location for your background

If there is a cliff overlooking the horizon, an old lighthouse or a castle close to your wedding venue, then, by all means, you should use it as a background. While these are things that can be added through computer editing of the photos, nothing is better than standing before the real thing. If you are having a destination wedding, make sure to include a photo session at a dramatic location or two. Vibrant places will give you perfect scenery and astounding landscapes to create romantic moments and lasting memories.

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In the end

There will always be pictures at the wedding, so why not try some of these 2019 wedding photo trends to make it more fun and dramatic. Choose the way you would like to capture your wedding and find a photographer you trust will do it even better than you imagined. With so many things you will stress about regarding your wedding, let this one be excitingly spontaneous and artistic at the same time.