13 Ideas for Throwing the Most Fun Wedding Ever

Ever visited a blog or a social media page with a newly wedded couple’s pictures? Oh! You will want to marry in the next minute. Wedding scenes are beautiful. Today’s Instagram pages are filled with hundreds of weddings all over the world every week.

In communities around the world, weddings are classy and traditional. Some are less fun. Shouldn’t an event you have been looking forward to as a teenager be a grand slam? Weddings are for couples; every other person is a witness. The start of the journey should be the most fun day ever to be remembered for you. You don’t have to think too far, here are 13 creative ideas you can incorporate to make your wedding the most fun wedding ever.

  1. Awesome music

Music is to a wedding as food is to the body. You should ensure your music playlist is great. A great playlist is a license to having maximum fun. You can have a meeting with the DJ before the wedding to select the type of music you want. You don’t want a high energy song to be followed by a very slow one. The rhythm ensures participation.

  1. Dance choreography

You should have a customised dance step for the wedding. Your first entry dance into the reception can light up the atmosphere and set the tone. The groom and groomsmen can do a special dance to surprise the bride.

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If you want everyone on the dance floor, the sure bet is getting dancing props like customized sunglasses, glow sticks, ribbon streamers or a bubble machine. All the shy ones will gladly rock the dance till the party closes.

  1. Varieties of food and candy

It’s your day, there should be varieties of food in abundance. You can have a food truck outside the venue waiting for the guests after all the drinking, chattering and dancing.

You can also create a candy station for guests to stop and pick. We all are a bunch of kids in adult clothing. Bring out the fun in your guest, then sit and watch the fun in them. Food idea includes ice cream truck, spud bar, candy bar, cheesecakes, ham, shrimps, hog roast, snacks and so on.

  1. Cool location

Any location you choose for your wedding should be comfortable. Discomfort is an enemy of fun. You should find the best place where it is not too cold or too hot. It doesn’t need to be exotic. The decoration should be heartwarming and welcoming. You could have your childhood pictures on the wall or your engagement picture. It will reinforce the love and fun atmosphere.

  1. Short humorous speeches

Wedding Speech

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Endless speeches easily bore the audience. It is a celebration of love and not long speeches of admonition.  You can write the speeches yourself or use a professional writer.  Any story should be accompanied by humour.

  1. Blasting energy and flow

The energy at the beginning should be maintained all through. The energy should go from low to high and not high to low. You should fuel the fire of the event. No dead time, especially waiting a long time before the ceremony starts.

  1. Games

Wedding Games

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All the guests don’t necessarily have to be inside the reception hall at once. You should have a stand for fun games to engage and encourage a meet and greet. Another love story can start from your wedding through that. Examples of games include croquet, couple trivia, corn hole, find the guest, wedding toast bingo, dance challenge, lawn bowling, shoe games, etc.

Aside from games, other forms of entertainment that could create fun include bouncing castles, colouring books, murder mystery, flip cups, beer pong, paper lanterns, fireworks, fire dancers, belly dancers, and fire breathers.

  1. Caricature artist

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Caricature artists spark interest in people and hiring a funny one can add more fun to your wedding. You should be selective in hiring the artist, ensure the artist is creative and familiar with a wedding atmosphere.

  1. Sweet and short personal vows

Express your love in sweet lines as you share your wedding vows.  Your vows should portray your unique love story. You should set the tone at your wedding, no straight-looking faces. If you let loose and you have fun, every other person will follow.

  1. Customized cocktails

You want to have fun, get a customised cocktail. It adds colour to your wedding. This could include personalised captions on the menu and cocktail selection.

  1. Phone charging station

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You can create a phone charging station. So that guests can stay longer and charge their phones to take more selfies and pictures. It is the technology age and your guests want to use their smartphones. The charging station will make them stay longer.

  1. Photobooth

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This is the trend for weddings now. Guests like props that they can take a nice picture with. Pictures that will make a statement and can be uploaded on social media. A classy photo booth adds fun to your wedding. You will see guests laughing, taking pictures and enjoying themselves. You should also hire a wedding photographer with a great sense of humour.

  1. Memorable exit

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Your wedding will forever be in your guests’ hearts when you exit in grand style after great fun for all. You can do this amid a glowing cluster of lights or firework fountains.


A wedding is ideally once in a lifetime and shouldn’t pass without a great lot of fun to remember always.  No one will remember the colour or theme of the day. What is forever imprinted in their hearts is the fun they had.

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