10 Wedding Transportation Tips You Need to Know

Are you getting hitched? No doubt you have much to plan for the big day, and between finding your dress and selecting a venue, booking transportation may fall on the backburner. Don’t let it do so.

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The transportation you provide has much to do with your comfort and that of your party and guests. Booking early ensures the best rates and makes sure everyone you want to share your special day with can attend regardless of physical limitations. Here’s what to keep in mind while booking your wedding day rides.

1. Do Your Research

Make Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor your best friends as you compare providers. Read review after review — while you don’t want to let one or two Negative Nancys steer you away from an otherwise reputable line, a slew of single stars is cause for concern. After all, you don’t want your special day ruined by a churlish driver or one who doesn’t show up on time.

2. Perform the Footwork as Well

If you’re having a destination wedding, plan to visit before booking and make shopping your limo company one of the stops. You can get a much better vibe in person as to how reputable the organization is. If you’re staying close to home, take a day off to make the rounds and compare the respective personalities of the companies as well as their fleet and prices.

3. Book Well in Advance

How far in advance you book depends on the time of year your wedding is held. September and October are wedding and formal season, so if you’re saying “I do” then, book at least six months or longer in advance. The closer you wait to the date, the less chance the fleet will have the vehicles you want available.

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4. Decide on a Mode of Transport

A limo for the bride and groom is classic, but it’s not your only option. If you love sports cars, consider renting a Porsche or Lamborghini to get to the reception and honeymoon.

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If you’re more country, there’s nothing wrong with painting “Just Married” on the back of a pickup truck or even taking a hayride between the wedding venue and reception hall.

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5. Consider Guest Transportation Needs

Dear Aunt Edna from Hobart would love to attend your Gold Coast nuptials, but her glaucoma makes navigating in strange places difficult, and Uncle Joe broke his hip. Why not make life easier on them by renting a wedding shuttle or bus? You and your guests can enjoy amenities like individual climate control on some lines, and you can all celebrate safely without anyone risking a DUI.

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6. Allow Extra Space for Guests

Whether you go the limo, shuttle or alternate route, avoid filling vehicles to capacity. If you’re sharing a six-person limo with your beau and bridal party, things could get uncomfortably cramped if some individuals are on the larger side. When it comes to transport, bigger is better, so always plan as if one or two extras will be joining you.

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7. Plan Routes to Miss Event Traffic

If you’re planning on getting hitched on the same day a big game is going on downtown as well as a popular concert, you may need additional time to reach your destinations unless you find an alternate route. Also, when booking, inquire about technology the drivers use. Plenty of apps exist to help them find their ways around jams.

8. Give Yourself Extra Time

Most services have a minimum time requirement, but sometimes, delays happen. Build an extra 30-60 minutes into your itinerary so if one does arise, the situation doesn’t create a logistical or financial crisis.

9. If Using a Shuttle, Plan Several Runs

Your friends may dance until midnight to help you celebrate, but chances are, your great-grandmother would prefer an earlier bedtime. If you’re providing guests with shuttle service, plan to offer two or three runs so people aren’t forced into staying up late or leaving right after you cut the cake.

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10. Communicate Special Needs Clearly

Guests who have disabilities may feel uncomfortable communicating their needs, so speak up for them if you know someone in your party or on your guest list will need extra help getting around. If a party member uses a wheelchair, for example, the transport line needs to know in order to provide a vehicle with a chair lift. You don’t want anyone checking no on the RSVP form simply due to having concerns over transportation.

The Right Transport Makes Weddings Memorable

You want to remember your wedding for a lifetime and making arrangements for transportation is part and parcel with picking out a colour scheme and decor. By planning well in advance, you can give those in your party and who attend the celebration a memorable, pleasant experience.

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