10 Travel Tips for Destination Wedding Guests

Your destination wedding will feel like a dream come true, but only if everyone’s having a good time. Guests need a bit of extra help when they RSVP to a wedding that requires a trip. Brides can provide these ten travel tips for destination wedding guests so everyone has a great time celebrating your marriage.

Destination Weddings


1. Send Your Itinerary Early

Everyone knows that you can find better deals on plane tickets and hotel rooms if you can book them well before your trip. Send your invitations and itineraries at least six months before your big day so everyone can plan their trip according to the budget that’s best for their financial needs.

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2. Suggest Local Family-Friendly Activities

Couples might sleep through lunch before getting ready for your ceremony, but families will want to entertain their kids outside of wedding activities. Suggest family-friendly things to do around your venue by providing a list to anyone who RSVPs.

3. List Potential Outfit Ideas

Your guests might not know what to pack because they’ve never experienced the weather around your destination venue. It’s always easier when brides suggest outfits or build a capsule wardrobe list that will have everything your guests need without requiring extra luggage.

4. Estimate Your Luggage Costs

If your guests’ bags get lost, they should know how much they’ll need to replace their belongings. Brides need to know this too, especially if you’re bringing decor. Estimate your luggage’s value or determine the value based on rarity so everything from your laptop to antique decor is safe during the trip.

5. Map Stores Near Your Venue

Necessities take up space and are always available near hotels. Provide a map that pinpoints where guests can buy things like toothpaste and shampoo after arriving to save more space in their suitcases.

6. Connect Guests With Transportation Arrangements

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Your guests may need help getting from their hotel to the venue. Instead of making them pay for rental cars or public transit fares, arrange fun transportation methods like a stretch limo or a party bus.

7. Create Themed Welcome Bags

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Travelling can be exhausting, even when you’re looking forward to the destination. Create welcome bags that match your wedding or destination theme and ask for the hotel to leave them in each of your guests’ rooms before they arrive.

8. Find Inclusive Deals for Guests

Hotels with complimentary breakfasts or on-site entertainment are always preferable for guests because they minimize schedule hassles and travel time. Find a place to stay that gives your guests exclusive deals so they have every need taken care of when they arrive.

9. Make Your Guest List Clear

People always want to know if they can bring a plus one to a wedding. Make your guest list clear about this when you send your invitations. They’ll need to know if they can add someone to their travel plans or expect to go independently.

10. Give Everyone Free Time

Don’t plan your wedding weekend down to the last minute for your guests. Let them explore the area and enjoy their vacation when they’re not at your ceremony or reception.

Provide Tips for Destination Wedding Guests

These are a few of the top travel tips for destination wedding guests. Brides can use these to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. When you’ve taken extra steps to find local entertainment, insure your belongings and find the best place to stay, everyone will have a great time before and after your big day.