10 Tips for Being the Best Maid of Honour

Being the Maid of Honour is fantastic! You are the bride’s support and will have various responsibilities at her wedding. You are primarily asked to be a partner in crime as before, to be honest, brave and sometimes to solve a problem before it appears so that your best friend would not get annoyed. Surely you are already honoured and excited and can’t wait for the big day to shine. If you have not been a MOH before, then you should learn the basic rules that will help you be less nervous and focus only on a good mood.

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Here are the tricks to help you be the best Maid of Honour ever!

Be Supportive

As soon as you are asked the question “Do you want to be my Maid of Honour?”, Know that from that day on, you have obligations to fulfil, so that the bride will be more relaxed and satisfied. In the midst of organization and heightened emotions, it is important to stay calm. Maybe the bride will be stressed, maybe it will be too difficult for her to organize everything, but that is why you are here to help her. What you need to do is endure any attack of anger, insecurity or nervousness and calm the situation whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Have Patience

The wedding day is memorable, but every day before is full of tension. You have to stay kind and have heart. It will likely be your task to find the ideal dresses for the bridesmaids and to make sure that they all look fantastic and that they like the styling. Although it is only a matter of styling, there can be a quarrel between women, and you need to be fair and make a compromise so that each of them is satisfied.

Bachelorette Party

Additionally, your job is to plan the perfect evening for the girls before the wedding. Planning a bachelorette party can be a complicated endeavour, especially if there are many girls coming. No matter what, it is important that you respect the bride’s wishes and take care of the details. Decoration, a professional photographer, favourite drinks, delicious food – all you need to make the evening go well.

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Pay Attention to Costs

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of money and time, and you, as Maid of Honour, will have some costs that you have to cover. The cost will depend on your location and the activities you have planned. You should definitely consider you will pay for a dress, hairstyle, makeup, shoes, manicure and pedicure, which can cost you $500, or more. You may pay for a haircut or manicure, so it is good to include double the cost for certain services. Carefully select salons where you will schedule a hairstyle because it must be gorgeous! An organic hair salon can offer the appropriate solution when you want to shine on your wedding day. Gifts and small surprises should be included in the costs.

Take as Many Photos as Possible

As the bride’s dearest person at the wedding, you should be in charge of the details. Take as many photos as possible, because all those pictures will remain an eternal memory from her most beautiful day. Show that you are interested and support the bride to gather enough ideas for professional photography with the groom. Talk to her about what she would like and find the best ideas on Pinterest.

Talk to the Bride as Much as Possible

Even though you are constantly talking about it for a few months before the wedding, don’t forget to talk about other things with your friend. It is critically important to talk about how she feels because brides go through various changes before the big day. Don’t focus purely on the wedding, because that can generate increased pressure, which is by no means the goal.

Be in the Perfect Mood for Shopping

There will be a lot of shopping on those days and if you go with the bride to choose a wedding dress, you really have to be focused. This is one of the most important things and can take a long time. Be constructive and participate in the selection. The bride needs help to decide on the right wedding dress, and if something does not suit her, you have to point it out to her.

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Enjoy the Wedding Day

When all the preparations are over and the day you have been waiting for a long time comes, all that remains is to relax and enjoy. Toast to the years of friendship that are behind you and all those glorious moments that await you in the future. Show the bride how much you love her and show that you are always there for her!

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With these tips, you will be the best Maid of Honour ever!

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