10 Things Brides Forget To Do Before Their Wedding

You will so busy with the big things for your day so here is a reminder of the 10 Things Brides Forget To Do Before Their Wedding

1. Break in your shoes

It might sound obvious but probably not one of the first things you would think about ~ your day will be long with lots of standing up.  If you can’t see yourself in comfortable shoes, at least try and break in the ones you will be wearing.  Make sure your Bridesmaids do as well ~ they will be running around after you all day!


2. Pack for your honeymoon

If you are lucky enough to be going on your honeymoon right after your wedding then make sure you are all packed at least the night before your Wedding.  The last thing you want is to have to leave your Reception early to go and pack.







3. Do not get a major beauty treatment right before your wedding

To avoid a red, patchy face on your Wedding Day, make sure you have any beauty treatments at least 4 weeks prior to the day…be careful with fake tans as well.



4. Mind the sun

Be aware of your guests’ comfort in the sun if you are having an outdoor Wedding.  Keep them hydrated, supply parasols, sunscreen and you can even have your program printed onto a card that doubles as a fan.


5. Wedges are best for outdoor weddings

Wedges are definitely the way to go for an outdoor Wedding.  They will stop you from sinking into the grass and an easier way to negotiate the aisle.  More comfort in general for the whole day.

6. Wear a robe or button-up during hair and makeup

When you and your girls are having their hair & makeup done, remember to wear something that doesn’t have to pull over your heads.  There are some very cute robes and hoodies available ~ they also make for lovely photos of your preparation.

7. Remember the essentials

Although your mum, sister or MOH will probably carry your lipstick, phone, tissues or any other of the necessary bits & pieces for you ~ a nice clutch will make them feel a bit more special.

8. Drink up!

Ask your Bridesmaids to remind you to drink water all day ~ it will be a long one with many toasts and sips of champagne to go through.

9. Schedule time for photos

Make sure you have a chat with your photographer and allow some time to take special pictures at specific times ~ there is nothing worse than rushing through everything and not having enough time get a great sunset or vista.

10. Find the right bra

Have a professionally fitted bra that is not only comfortable but works the best way with your style of dress.  It can still be a sexy little number!  You will be amazed at what a difference it will make.

If there is anything you think you might forget contact your local Circle of Love Wedding Stylist and Planner ~ we have Wedding Planning Packages that can help take away all the little forgotten bits.