10 Engagement Party Games Your Guests Will Love

Hosting an engagement party might seem difficult at the beginning. Even though traditionally this party is hosted by the bride’s parents, nowadays trends have changed.

But the main goal of the party still stays the same. Celebrating the couple’s love and spending quality time with their friends. This means that your friends will have the opportunity to get to know each other.

And besides sharing delicious food and drinks, you can organize some games that will make the atmosphere more fun and relaxed.

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  1. Picture Match

This is the perfect game you can play if you have invited guests from all over the world. Print some couple-photos of all couples that will be at the party and cut each photo in half.

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Then, put the halves in separate envelopes and give them to your guests. They each will have a photo of a person and they will have to find the other half. How? By talking and getting to know each other.

  1. Find the Guest

Another game perfect for socializing. You can start by doing a list of facts about every attendee. You can either talk to him or her or do your own research. After you have all the facts, gather and mingle them. Every attendee will then receive a list of facts and he should find the guests that best fit that fact.

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The catch is they cannot ask direct questions related to the fact. For example, if the fact is “This guest was a doctor before changing careers”. One guest might ask the others what they do for a living and if this is what they did for their whole life.

  1. The (Almost) Newlywed Game

This game is perfect because it involves both the guests and the couple. Whenever a guest arrives, he must write on a piece of paper his question for the couple. Later, you and your soulmate have to stand back to back, each having cardboard or a whiteboard.

Each guest will ask his question and you will write down your answers. Then, you will try to guess what the other has written and you will show your answers to each other.

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  1. Wedding Practice

As the name suggests, this game is replicating the traditions that will be on your wedding day. It is also the perfect opportunity to strengthen your bonds with your friends. Organise contests that will challenge all of you.  You can organise a cake cutting contest or a bouquet toss.

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You can make teams with your guests and see who is the first one who can get ready in wedding attire. The winners can get a surprise.

  1. Guess the Famous Couple

A tricky and engaging game perfect for your engagement party. Have each guest write down 10 famous couples. They can be both alive or dead, fictional or real, together or divorced. Mix all the answers and then pair the guests. They each will have a famous couple the other one has to guess.

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They answer questions in turn and the one who has to guess can ask up to 20 questions. When someone guesses the famous couple, his partner can take a new answer from the bowl. The team that has guessed the most couples can win one engagement favour.

  1. Ring Hunt

Think about the Easter Egg Hunt. The ring hunt is kind of the same but with rings. This game is perfect if you have a yard where you all can look for rings. Of course, whoever finds the most rings get a surprise.

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  1. The Shoe Game

You have probably seen this game at most weddings. It is a classic and both an engagement party and a wedding favourite. The newly engaged couple stays back to back, each having one of his shoes and a shoe of the partner.

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The guests can ask funny questions like “Who spends more money?”, “Whose car is cleaner?” or “Who dresses better?”. Answer by raising the shoe: yours or your partner’s.

  1. Memory Lane

Have each guest write on a piece of paper a memory with the couple. It can be with both partners or with one of them, depending on who the guest knows better. Mix all the papers in a bowl and then read it out loud with your partner.

The other guests will have to guess who wrote that memory. This is a fun game and it also helps all guests get to know each other better.

  1. How Well Do You Know the Couple?

When guests arrive, have them complete a printed form with questions about the bride and the groom. The subjects can range from the favourite tv show, favourite band or the vegetable you hate the most.

The guests who have the most correct answers get an engagement surprise. These surprises are up to you. They can range from Starbuck vouchers to chocolate or champagne bottles.

  1. How Old Were They?

Another funny game about the couple. Select photos from your childhood and show them to your guests. Each will have to guess how old you were when was that photo taken. The one who guessed the most answers gets a surprise!

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Hosting an engagement party might be stressful. Having so many guests to entertain might overwhelm you. Organizing these funny games will save you and the atmosphere will be a friendly and relaxing one.

And the ones who score the best will go home with an engagement surprise that will remind them of your amazing party.

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