10 Creative Wedding Favours That Will Delight Your Guests

Weddings are emotional. This is a special day for two people and they want to say thank you to all their guests for making the event more magnificent. And the best way to do it is with creative wedding favours that will make the whole party even more epic. So, here are 10 gifts that will be the perfect ending to your festivities and truly give them something to remember your wedding by.

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1.    Jarred candles

While there are many favours in the jars, one of the most elegant is candles. This is a wedding classic that everyone will like and remember you when they light them up. Choose earthy scents like vetiver or rose which are not too strong and will make any ambience comfortable. If you want to be extra considerate you can give your guests lavender-scented candles to relax after the whole day of dancing.

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2.    Temporary tattoos

While photo booths are still a trend, you can add an extra layer of fun for your guests with temporary tattoos. You can hire artists to do small henna tattoos which will last for a week or two after the wedding. Or, you can choose ones that wash off with water and you can be extra funny by making stickers of your faces.

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3.    Trendy Macaron Gift

If you are looking for trendy wedding favour, then stop by the bakery and pick up some colourful macarons. These cookies are perfect bites even for those mindful of sweets. Choose a chic box design to pack them in with a thank you note to your guests and an elegant bow as a final touch. Some couples go a step further and use monogrammed macarons as place cards served in a mini cloche which is a classy touch.

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4.    Tea Package

A tea package is a very considerate gift especially if your guests danced all night and are exhausted in the morning. Green tea is wonderful for detox and energizing in the morning, while black tea will give your guests a boost of caffeine they need to start the day. For possible upset stomachs after eating and drinking at the reception, consider adding a bag of ginger or holy basil tea.

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5.    Pickled favours

Homemade pickled products are the newest trend in wedding favours which give originality and uniqueness to the event. Basically, you can put anything in brine like mushrooms, peppers, and carrots or make a tasty and refreshing salad. Go for transparent jars and make custom labels to make this pickled favour personalized and unique for your wedding party.

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6.    Fragrant soaps

Fragrant soaps are wonderful wedding gifts because guests can either use them at home or keep them as bathroom decorations.  Sandalwood and orange offer refreshing notes, while vanilla and almond will spread the sweetened scent even through the packaging.

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7.    Tin mugs

Tin mugs are very popular right now and won’t break when guests are heading home. Make an interesting design to print on the mugs that will serve as lasting memorabilia from the wedding. A nice touch is adding a bag of coffee, chocolate chips or tea leaves so guests can make their favourite drink in the hotel room.

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8.    Colouring Pillow Set

A colouring pillow set is a great way to entertain kids on the spot and the best thing is that they are washable. Meaning, your guests can colour them all over again after every wash so they will last a long time after the wedding. These miniature pillows can also come in shapes of the couple or some other wedding motif like a bouquet or the cake.

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9.    “Thank you” Cocktail Party

Many couples decide to give a “thank you” cocktail party the day after the wedding where they can have undisturbed fun with their guests. Hire premier property maintenance and decorating to turn your backyard into a stylish venue and ignite the festive vibes. Make sure that you serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks or simply hire a mixologist that can make anything your guests desire.

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10. Chocolate Wedding Favours

Chocolate is the perfect favour if you want to please everyone, even those on a diet. Mix dark and milk chocolate bars in a box or transparent bag but don’t stop there. Make your label with drawings of you two with sweet thank you wording to your guests. Always a sophisticated gift, this will be a wedding favour ideal if you have a lot of children at the wedding, as well.

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All in all

Choosing wedding favours is not easy so these creative ideas should help you check this task off your list. From fragrant soaps over delicious treats to cocktail parties, no matter which wedding favour you choose, you will delight your guests and give them nice memories.