Wedding Photography Trends for 2022

The wedding photography trends of 2022 are so far away from the regular shoots we’re used to. Many people are getting out of captivity (we mean quarantine), and their creativity is at the top! They are willing to do the craziest photoshoots to celebrate their love and cherish the wonderful memories forever.

Current trends are nothing but informal, with only one formal pic ‘just in case’.  That shot is for people who want to send a card to their relatives that won’t understand a picture where the whole family has their tongues out like they are at the KISS concert.

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Wedding photos are some of the coolest to take due to the energy around the event. And we’re here to help both couples and photographers with some of the hottest top trends of 2022!

Shots Focused on Wedding Decorations

The new trend of the photography industry is taking pics of wedding decor. Such photos create an atmosphere of the day for everyone viewing them. It’s not only about the people; it’s always better to be immersed in the full vibe of the special holiday for a couple in love.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to only focus on decor. But including several pieces like this, especially at the beginning of the shoot, is great. Besides, in this way, you will give some time for the couple to get prepared and get to know you better before taking pics of them at the location.

Three Shoots: The Proposal, The Wedding, The Post-Wedding

According to top wedding articles, having one shoot isn’t trendy anymore.

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Really, why not have 3 shoots to get the hottest wedding photo? Different gowns, different settings, different moods. You can capture all those precious moments with the hands of a professional photographer.

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Props Are Always Fun

We’re not talking about Instagram filters as the latest trend, of course, but you can find inspiration there. This social media site is very popular and many people will be happy to include a part of it in their photoshoots.

You can try other props as well, of course, like classic balloons, flowers, masks, etc. Many of them are cliche, but you can improve the situation with trendy colours and hints to Insta-masks.

Using Drone Magic

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A drone can help you take photos and videos of your wedding that will mesmerize you for years, especially if you have a wedding in a location with nature around. Every photographer that wants to maximize their creativity should get a drone and add this service to the wedding shoot ASAP.

Using a drone doesn’t mean you have to shoot a bird’s eye view. It can capture angles that a human can’t or that would take a lot of effort. Sometimes, you need to do everything in a limited timeframe. A drone will help a lot in such circumstances. There are lots of useful guest posts that will help you learn more about using drones at photoshoots.

Stop-Motion Is on the Rise

Not that it has been forgotten, but this technique has become increasingly popular again. You can even create a short film with your favourite music and send it to every guest as an addition to their invitations.

If your wedding is a movie, make a teaser trailer for everyone taking part in it.

You can do the same mid-wedding to get a trailer of the big day. It’s your decision then whether or not to share it with the public.

Informal Family Pics

Gather up all the family and ask everyone to remember a joke or two. While everyone is laughing and casually hanging out, the photographer will snap pics that show real emotions.

There are many more similar ideas you can try out to create an album of the most sincere pictures in your life. This doesn’t only mean funny faces. Honest emotions are very beautiful to look at.

You can then give a small album to every close guest, helping them relive these wonderful moments you have spent together.

To Summarize

So, these are the latest trends in photography. As you can see, there are no rules. It’s all about your ideas and creativity. If you want a formal shoot, have one. But at least try taking one creative photo. We bet you will love it so much that the spike in energy will be as high as the skies.

And photographers, you’re there to support the couple and make their day even more special. Open up, offer ideas, move people to different locations, make it fun! Many newlyweds are so nervous about this day that all their ideas may disappear in anxiety. You’re there to soothe them and distract them from the technicalities of the day.

Use the trends we’ve mentioned, and you’ll create amazing wedding photos.