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    How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

      Is the thought of picking out your wedding ring stressing you out? Choosing a wedding ring is a big decision. And while wedding planning always has its stressful moments, this process should be mostly fun. But, if the stress is getting to you and you want a plan of action for buying your ring, jus

    What song should I have for my first dance?

    One of the hardest decisions when planning your first dance is what type of song you will have. Do you stick with a traditional song or do you have something more upbeat and fun?  If you have two left feet, then maybe a slow dance is more suitable as you don’t want to look foolish in front of all yo

    Destination Wedding ~ Sydney

    Are you thinking of having a Destination Wedding in Sydney? Here are some must-do activities for you and your guests. Swim in a landmark ocean pool Instead of the cliche visit to Bondi Beach, why not take a swim in the most photographed ocean pool in Australia at Sydney’s most famous beach.  The 50-

    What are the Traditions with Wedding Cars?

    As with most Wedding Traditions there are always questions as to why they are done.  Here we explain the Traditions with Wedding Cars how to decorate them and who travels with who. There are a few schools of thought on the origins of the most popular decoration being to tie old shoes to the back of



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